FYI - Gas prices jumping from 132.9 to 144.9

Just noticed that gas prices are seeminly on the rise in the city…both Petro Canada stations are at 144.9, jumping 12 cents overnight.

Chevron and Esso downtown are both still at 132.9…anyone who has not filled up should head to those stations straight away to save the 12cents/L as both stations usually raise their amounts before 5PM.

125.9 on the island

Takling to a Calgary resident this morning and its only 118.9 for Regular and 126.9 Premium. More industry = less taxes on fuel. Who would of thunk it?

1.204 in Abbotsford.

Unfortunately taxes have dick all to do with the latest jump. Sheer greed, no other legit reason. $138.9 in Prince George is an outright gouge, but you guys are getting screwed royally. 54c a gallon hike overnight? Americans would be shooting people over that.