Furniture Stores in Rupert

So, we need to buy some new furniture for our future house up there, and we’ve been trying to figure out if we should buy down south and get a larger moving truck, orrr, use a smaller moving truck, and then just buy up in Terrace or Rupert.  Does anyone have anything to say about the available furniture stores up there?

Do they have reasonable prices?  or do you think we’d save a bunch by buying down here?

There are 3 furniture stores in Rupert, and probably the same if not more in Terrace.  I can’t say much about the prices, as I’m not one to shop for furniture lately, but there’s definitely enough places to buy up here.

I couldn’t tell you about price comparision, but out of the 3 stores here to choose from I would recommend City Furniture.  I have always gotten the best deal from Sonu and the staff there. 

Thanks.  I looked up City Furniture online, and one of their suppliers has what I’m looking for.  Can you tell me the names of teh other stores?

Kondolas (also a store in Terrace) and Mackenzie’s Countrywide.

Mackenzie’s is pretty expensive.

Here is some information. :smile:

MacKenzie Furniture
150 - 1 Ave.
Prince Rupert, BC V8J 1A8
Phone: (250) 624-4146
Fax: (250) 624-2742

Thanks guys, you’re awesome!

I would definitely recommed City Furniture.
Got all my furniture, washer and dryer there for the best deal! :smile: