Furnishing a household

Do most people shop locally?

I just looked in my storage unit in preparation for moving to Rupert and I have a lot less stuff than I thought I did and will need to furnish most of a 2 bedroom apartment. I’ve got a great bed and love seat, but that’s about it. I’ve also got a great retro kitchen table and chairs that may be too big for my place.
Generally, I’m also into retro style stuff if I can find it, is there a decent market of good, used furniture?

I’m willing to pay well for quality items but don’t want to get fleeced by a store with the monopoly in town. I am considering hitting up IKEA or similar in vancouver before I leave for some basic items (I generally only get their solid wood stuff, the laminate things tend to wobble after limited use).

Just wondering what most locals do, shop locally (I do want to support local business) or online?

Also for electronics, any idea if I should hit up Future Shop or are local prices competitive, after a quick search online I found one furniture store and a Source offering TV’s etc.

For convenience I shop local for things like furniture/electronics.

Depends how long you are willing to wait.

I find that furniture prices in PR are typically pretty competitive and I often am unable to find cheaper in Terrace on some items.

Rupert has two furniture/appliance/electronic stores:
City Furniture

Both places sell a wide variety of items, City Furniture is pretty big, they have 3 1/2 floors of stock.

As well as the two furniture stores, you can get electronics at Zellers, The Source, Sears and Eastwind.

Don’t forget Homeworks, Seahorse Trading or Cow Bay Gift Gallery foe eclectic stuff. Reasonable prices, I think.

I’m moving up in July and facing the exact same problem - coming from across the country so I’ll be arriving with a couple suitcases and that’s pretty much it!! But it sounds like there are at least a couple decent choices in town so that’s good. I cannot say how helpful it is to get insight from the locals, thank you to everyone who answers these questions from us ‘outsiders’ :smile: :smile: