Funny X-Mas Cartoons!

Here’s One  :smiley:



Here’s a befitting Christmas gift

Well I may as well get in on the Christmas Cheer .

Cheers ya’all

Merry X-Mas!

one more…  :smiley:

This was obviously photoshopped, because Santa is still alive and well :smile:

And…Ooops  !!

All done now    :smiley:

They are all pretty good so I thought I would try this one.

                              11 more days till Christmas

Merry Christmas !

Just couldn’t stay away, huh Tiger ?  Nice disguise dude  :smiley:;topic=14020.0;attach=6129;image

I stared at that for a good minute waiting for something funny to pop out.

I found some more…  :smiley: