Funding for Outdoor Gym

The City of Prince Rupert Recreation Department is trying to get funding to install “Umbrellas” over the new outdoor exercise equipment outside the Civic Centre.  All you have to do is cast your vote at .  Its simple enough to do and will likely make the outdoor exercise equipment more usable given our climate. 

Cast your vote once per day for the next 10 days to give us the best chance for this funding.

ARE YOU SERIOUS… :unamused:

I voted, and promoted it on my facebook page.  Using the term “umbrella” makes it seem a little wussy.  How about “mini roof”?

I vote we get funding for a freakin drug and alcohol counsellor  :imp:  If people will give money for umbrellas to cover equipment that the teens and the kids just seem to be lazing around on when I go by, wouldn’t it be nice if we found some money for a drug and alcohol counsellor for this town.?  Possibly funded for say, a year contract, to start. Just a silly thought, I know how important umbrellas are in Rupert  :unamused: Gotta LOVE our priorities though !!


That’s hillarious…

funding for an umbrella.  :unamused:


We should just build a  bio-dome over Prince Rupert out of recycled Safeway bags. Job creation.

This… is… stupid… =.=’

Funding a huge ass umbrella is like paying for another mini drug dealer’s marketplace. >.>

On the topic of the Outdoor Gym

anyone up for a session on it this morning :imp:

What a fucking joke. What is the yearly budget of the pool gym ? I bet if we flogged the stainless hardware from the outdoor gym and the money they’d throw at umbrellas we could run the indoor gym free for all for a couple years. (as long as that outdoor gym is going to last anyway).

I’m down for a session on it though smurfette.

I am getting real sick of watching money wasted in this town, Mr. Curnes seems a little weird with his ideas. Not my vote till it is spent wisely and for street worker yes but no Rupert wonderland park.

well that would be something mr curnes the recreation manager getting a street worker. i guess some drugs are recreational use  :unamused:

No thank you to the gym nor umbrella as people seem to say waste of money once again.

You have to remember that the city did not spend a nickel on the OG. Is it stupid? Probably. But  because it came for free, why not?

A drug counsellor hired by the city would not be good. I mean, do we really need city admin in charge of health delivery? Seems dumb to me.

Not any dumber than a city admin suddenly wise in the ways of real estate sales.

Or a city councillor who once was a nurse ,then a councillor, then a nurse a councillor
and a hospital CEO. PLease do not tell us she is selling real estate as well. I bet Gordo has his eyes on this one .

Good point, although since the health committee was disbanded health issues have become part of the administration’s bailiwick, which seems to have expanded under the current civic leadership.

Of course, the City admin would not have to actually deliver counselling services. The City could turn the money over to an appropriate body, much like for instance the golf club got a $54,197 grant in 2008 (2009?), and a $71,400 tax exemption (2009), to provide wellness services.

Small point, but doesn’t the golf club still run a bar? If so, seems odd that such a facility would get a tax break from mayor and council while citizens are pondering whether the City should support better counselling services, or for that matter an umbrella for the kid’s outdoor gym.  

Oh oh, Baker, slam and dunk, or as they say at the golf course, that’s a hell of a hole in one there Creaky… :smiley:

Return serve, Creaking Door. Good show. 

Yes, and I agree that the subsidy for the golf course is ridiculous, but I think my aghast is derived from the fact I hate golf and could care less that the city has a course.

But there are a lot of users of the facility who believe that it’s money well spent by the city. And is the golf course really that different from the ice rink? Is hockey really more of a priority than golf in the bigger picture (insert Calgary Flames/Tiger Woods/ H1N1 vaccine jokes here).

Please relax on bringing up the drug councelling…every time someone posts , you(and some others ) always bring up the same addiction, councelling, street worker…on and on. I know this is a serious problem and needs to be addressed, give it a rest sometimes ,okay…

I’d like to direct your attention to my forum signature…

[quote]“The worst sin toward our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them: that’s the essence of inhumanity.”

  • George Bernard Shaw[/quote]

Seems as though alot of people on this forum suffer from indifference these days…