Funding cuts could have major impact on the troubled street life of Rupert

One of the few individuals in the city who has his finger on the pulse of Prince Rupert’s street scene is going to have to scramble and make do with a whole lot less and forgo a paycheque to get it done.

Myles Moreau, a local outreach worker who has long been a fixture around Prince Rupert has effectively been put out of a job as the funding for his Street Outreach Services has dried up.

Moreau has had many hats to wear over the years and a variety of funding formulas to deal with, but his most recent time on the streets has come at a most important time for the city, as the local economy which has been weakened over a number of hits over the years leaves more and more Rupertites at risk…

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I kinda reckon he is or was well known on the street scene, I hear folk saying hi to him and the kid folk all seem to respect him out there. I was told he calls it as he sees it very straight forward. Don’t know if my government folk could tolerate his kind too long, the truth hurts. Maybe that is reason for putting him in the outside.