Fun at the water front

so ya yesterday while out photographing eagles, and other wildlife around town i went to rushbrook to photograph the seals and otters,
seen some cool pictures lately and thought i would capture some.

so here are some pics of the seals.

and a few friends while doing it.

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some of me being silly

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rad pictures man

Thanks! I was stoked.

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The last eagle pic would be a great photo for a caption contest!

Those eagle pics are awesome! Those are post card quality, as good as any I have seen, hats off.

Those are very good shots my friend, it must be a great feeling to be so close to these creatures of the wild. Well done.


          Again, your photos have  amazed me; you are gifted and talented…

  Keep 'em coming, they remind us former Rupertites of just what an amazing place we left…

Very nice pictures.  Seals look creepy up close like that.

Yes, they are plotting their revenge on mankind… 

thanks for the kinds words.
it was very surreal; there was about 8 seals in that little area, the seals, eagles and seagulls all competing for a bit of food.
a few more pics…

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Nice pictures, astrothug:-)

Here’s another bunch.

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There’s a few websites with more pictures of the days event.

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Amazing photos!!!  Incredible!  The seals are beautiful!  I would love to get that close!  Though, I wouldn’t want to share food with them!!

great pictures

Is it kind of mean to point out that Astrothug looks a little bit like Adam Savage?

Ok so the glasses are wrong…still, it’s moderately amusing, isn’t it?

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