Full-time City Employees to use Pool/Gymnasium for Free

This is totally great for our city. If our city staff doesn’t get free workouts and recreation use, they’ll be mighty grumpy and unhealthy! Then they’ll be more keen to make bad decisions.


umm my work pays for my  gym  pass as they feel a healthy employee is more beneficial… I tend to agree. Its not like its actually COSTING the city money.

of course it is…
lost revenue!!!
they would pay to use before right, and now they don’t… that to me means lost revenue…
and why not its not like the city has ever made money…lol

It COSTS the revenue they would have made otherwise.

This may be a small number, but there is definitely a cost.

RIAA-style math? Nice.

I just have to say…what a flippin’ joke.

City of Prince Rupert ‘workers’ are one of the highest paid city workers in Canada.
I think that is a perk all on its own.

First a raise, and now ‘perks’…give me an effing break.
This town needs to get their shit together.

No, not at all. Those who are defending the decision are saying it doesn’t cost a penny. That is literally what eccentric said.

If even 1 of the employees used the pool regularly and paid for it, and now they don’t pay for it, that’s a loss. It costs the city revenue.

Look above for more examples.

But I see their way of thinking for sure. I mean the millions in lost taxes from the mill didn’t COST the city anything, did they?

If it doesn’t cost the city anything, then why not just offer the pool and gym for free for everybody?

Ok now think of the lowered cost of an employee who takes them up on their offer for free services, gets in better shape and is more able to do their job and less likely to be injured.

Personally I’ve lost over 100 pounds since my employer started paying for my gym membership and have never been more productive or felt better.  They’ve gotten more than their 40 bucks/month.

Don’t be jealous that your mcjob doesn’t have perks, get a new one.

Think of how much better city employees would feel if they DID take the city up on their offer. They would have more energy, be in better shape, become more productive. Maybe then we wouldn’t see seven workers standing around “supervising” while one works.

Really, what are you all complaining about? Don’t we want a healthier community? Wouldn’t you LIKE to see people working out and getting in shape? If the city can offer it’s employees that benefit, then why not?

Blah blah blah, costs this, costs that, taxes bad! Fine, don’t like the taxes, move somewhere else. Grab a brain Prince Rupert! It isn’t that horrible here. You all focus on the negative aspects of EVERYTHING. Always speculating on how you could do things better. I don’t see ANY of you getting off your butts and doing things for the community. If you have a better solution for things. Get down to a council meeting and speak out about it. Instead you’d rather anonymously bitch, whine, complain and make fools out of yourselves online. Are you too afraid to speak your mind and have someone know who you are?

Give me a break! :unamused:

Are you kidding?  Who is complaining?  Go back and READ instead of making yourself look illiterate. 

Basically, this is a good idea. Healthy employees are a good thing.

No need to say “it doesn’t cost a single penny” though.

Again, that’s the only point of contention here. It’s a good thing, no need to spoil the pro- argument with a falsehood. Eccentric has essentially agreed, he’s stopped saying there’s no cost. And along come you two who didn’t actually read any of the thread.

America, err, I mean Prince Rupert, love it or leave it!  I love the sound of that!

What’s your name?  What do you really look like?  What’s your phone number?  Ad hominem attacks are your way of saying you know you’re wrong

Instead of getting the entire argument wrong and making yourself look illiterate, go back and read!  It’s still free people!  HAVE A BRAIN!  READ!  Don’t assume!  OMG!  You’re so stupid why don’t you leave if you don’t like it!  OMG! 

No, seriously, go back and read this thread from the beginning and now look how intelligent you appear.  Hilarious.

Wow, don’t freak out dude.  It’s only HTMF. 

Until I read this thread, I was convinced you were a city councillor in hiding, sockpuppet.

But yeah, I don’t think anybody disagrees with this being a good thing for employees. I think it’s a good thing. The problem with saying that it doesn’t cost anything is that you let the other side say things like:  if it doesn’t cost anything, then why not let everybody have it for free?

I didn’t read the thread at all, nope, just came in here blabbing.
Ahh, I give up. There is no chance of convincing this town to quit complaining.

And don’t tell me that no one is complaining, what was this thread created for?
As is more than half of the threads IN this forum.

Yes, I am a city councillor. I can’t even spell councillor.

Blah blah blah, complain complain negative, move somewhere else. Grab a brain Prince Rupert! It isn’t that horrible here. You focus on the negative aspects of EVERYTHING. Always speculating on how you could do things better. I don’t see you getting off your butt and doing things for HTMF. If you have a better solution for things.  Post it. Instead you’d rather anonymously bitch, whine, complain and make a fool out of yourself online.

Let me rephrase then and pilfer a term our provincial government uses. It’s revenue neutral.  :smiley: :unamused:

That’s a good one!  But, the opponents will just say: “If it’s revenue neutral, why not let everybody in for free?” 

I think it’s a good perk, and it probably doesn’t cost that much.  But it does cost something.  It’s not free.  If it were free, no cost, or revenue neutral, then there would be no reason not to give it to all citizens.

I keep wondering when we will hear from The Gym folks again - now that the City actually IS in competition with them.

Ahh but see thats not true. Its revenue neutral for city employees because the city gets a benefit from it which in all likelihood covers the ‘loss’ from city workers not paying for the service.

The city would not get a benefit from allowing just anyone in for free therefore there that is not ‘revenue neutral’.

Well, you could always argue that a physically fit populace would be less likely to sustain serious injury tripping on uneven sidewalk pavement or falling in a pot hole – thus having less amunition with which to sue the city.

More and more I’m convinced that prince.rupert.willkillusall.com/

Please provide me the number of lawsuits against the city from physically unfit people falling in the pothole?  Pretty sure that number is 0

In any case one could argue a physically fit city staff would be more inclined to fix the potholes thus preventing any lawsuits from the public in the first place.