I hesitate to post this subject, but think it is important to do so. I don;t know how to cut and paste, so am just suggesting, if you like, google the subject and come to your own conclusion. March 11th, 2011 there was a massive earth quake in Japan. Marh 15th, 2011 nuclear reactors suffered structural damage at Fukushima, Japan and a radioactive fallout ensued through air and our pacific ocean. Governments are, for some strange reason not letting on the severity of the incident, nor the danger that still exists. I do not understand all the physics at work, but the reactors, particularly reactor 4 remain in a fragile state which, in the event of an earthquake coud cause worldwide devastation like never seen before.I sincerely hope that all governments get their collective heads out of the sand, and come to the aide of Japan to rectify the danger that exists. Japan is still experiancing earth quakes, and are expecting a BIG one again soon.Recent CTV news article " Fukushima Reactor 4 Posess Massive Global Risk" ,and lots of other articles. We will soon be experiancing Tons of debris from the disaster washing on our shores as well, and government seems equally mute on what to do with it. Sorry to lay on, but the subject seems to be being shushed too much.

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Sounds like a conspiracy theory to me.

yes, fomatting required, and conspiracy theory in progress…everythings fine. i’m wearing an aluminum hat too. i hope some will research and form their own opinions. i’ve said my piece… and peace 2 you all

I’m in !!!

If reactor 4 is not cooled, say good-bye to the Northern hemisphere… a radioactive fire could contaminate the entire Northern Hemisphere making life uninhabitable for atleast 90 years… my concern is how Japan is trying to downplay the chances of it happening. One more earthquake in (or near) Japan and we’re FUCKED

Thank you head dissident. We need a collective voice, though, just like in the many other corporate controlled mainstream media media ignore this… no news here events. But Fukushima, is not an oil spill that contaminates the water and ground for way too long… It’s a time bomb!,that might be fixable if the people who know about these things are put into action.

maybe the Godzilla movies will become reality

Yeah! another reality TV show, featuring Godzilla, great stuff.