FRPD Scabs go home?

Anyone else notice these signs around town this morning saying “FRPD Scabs Go Home”? There was one at the court house and one by the Wheelhouse. Any info on who put them up and what this is all about?

Here’s one of them

What does FRPD stand for?

It stands for Fraser River Pile and Dredge. They do all the dredging and pile driving for projects on the water. Like Fairview, the cruise ship terminal and the new marina.

But why are they scabs? I do believe that FRPD is a unionized company, and a scab is referred to someone or a company who crosses a picket line during a strike. Who’s on strike?

FRPD is the prime contractor on the Fairview expansion and “SOME” are not happy with the amount of contracts they have been awarded…blackmail!!!