Frightening Halloween Costumes

Scary stuff! :smiley:

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What’s the difference between a large pepperoni pizza and a stockbroker?
The pizza can feed a family of four…


I just heard that on CKNW

What are you listening to that redneck radio station for?
that’s where I heard it…

[quote] And now for something completely different:

LMAO :smiley:

I love listening to CKNW!  We listen to it online.  We used to listen to it down south all the time, and just still listen to it, 'cause we like the hosts, and it’s nice to get the news any time you want it.

Stupid parents!
It’s customary to have a light on if you’re “doing Halloween”. I’m out on the porch having a smoke and I hear some cow telling her kids "Don’t go THERE - they don’t have a LIGHT ON!!!"
We have lit pumpkins, and skulls pointing to the cobwebbed walkway and a pumpkin head dummy in a chair patting a blinking skull in front of the door. I’m waiting in Zombie makeup, chewing the end of a salami stuffed into a shirtsleeve with a glove on the end…
dumb parents!
(at least 12 groups walked right by…)

I have the opposite problem in the Pineridge area.  I was cleaned out of all of my of candy by 7:00, turned off all of my lights, shut the curtains…but…people keep ringing the bell.  I hate telling the little ones I’m out.

There are a few houses on our street with lights on, but no one home… it’s annoying.  But my kids HAULED, and we only did half of our street!  I only remember ONCE getting that much candy as a kid, and I’m SURE we did several streets to get that much!  I put my almost two year old to bed at regular time though, and put a sign on the door saying not to knock or ring, and left a bucket of candy on the stoop, but it’s still half full.  I really don’t need all that extra candy laying around!  Ugh!

That was you!!! my little girl was heartbroken…  :imp:

I had fun saying “trick” when the kids said their bit. The confused look on their faces. I had the candy hiding just out of view.

Wasn’t there a time where kids had to work for the candy they were given?

Talk about taking the joy out of Halloween. :stuck_out_tongue::P:P

fireworks were the best I seen; great show got some pics on my Iphone.

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Happy Halloween…hehe…jk :smiley:

I didn’t get to see the fireworks, 'cause my youngest was cranky so the two of us stayed home while the hubby and oldest went to see them.  I could HEAR them though, and it sure sounded like they lasted for a long time!

They’ve lasted longer in the past.
Next halloween you should go check out halloween fest. It was something I never got to do as a kid, and a great experience. The Haunted house is usually pretty cool too.

here’s my shot.

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lol one of my dogs was absolutely terrified from the sounds of the fireworks.

Very nice shot, photoguy! Pretty :smile:

The most frightening Halloween costume of all. … 256&sr=8-1

Agreed!  Frightening indeed! :smiley:

um ok I guess you people didn’t see the Jigsaw Twins strolling around town