Friendship House Programs

Hello HTMF,

Is it possible for me to display the programs I’m responsible for at the friendship house in a HTMF thread?

It would be in the form of 2 regular sized posters, I’d most likely have to scan them and add them as attached txt files or save them as jpegs.

The two posters being displayed would be for the “Rites of Passage” program and the “CAP Site” program.

The “CAP Site” program is a ©ommunity (A)ccess §rogram, it offers free internet access to the general public. Along with general internet usage, we’re able to offer assistance with miscellaneous computer tasks for free.

The “Rites of Passage” Program, for ages 19-24 is an online based workshop, consisting of an online course called “Your Money matters”. Your Money Matters, offers advice on - Balancing Your Chequeing Account, Budgeting Your Payday, & Other Advice such as Being Relieved of Your Living Expenses.

Thanks for any input.

Wait till the girls find out the hero is putting together another band-aid operation. Do we not already have such with the resource center? Either get with the times and work with what is already here just mak it stonger. Then the is the great Pacific Coast School, be real get this place back to when MR. Anderson ran it.

You’re right, The Career Resource Center offers Internet Access (for Work related items) and The Edge offers “Your Money Matters”.

I’ve done research into the topic and both The Career Resource Center, and the Edge are happy that I’m also offering these programs. They’re even advertising my posters in their offices.

With that said, what’s your problem?

We do not recall having something wrong wit you but is doin the enterviews? Rudy Kelly or Edith why are they not in charg of this place? That is where the heros come from hard worker so who is doin the enterviews? Good luck with you project but me an my lady will not do any enterviews. But for reel good luck.

Hey, do you have a webpage we can link to?  If you e-mail me copies of the posters, I can post them here for you, or you can do it yourself.  Make them into jpegs and just attach them to your post.

I think it’s funny when people try to insult another board member, but they don’t make any sense…

It’s not hard to poof read your post before you press the post button…

He was asking a question?Why do you post something that will not help him in his this forum that people frequent?I did not see any of the usual dumb questions.He was asking a legitmate question.Whats the point of having a local forum for local people to to ask and talk about local activity or input when all we are getting is sarcastic answers?

bubbasteve735 we are sorry you had trouble wit the post, me an my partner may not be good spellers an writers but we did not mean Andrew harm. We said good luck with project. We are two women an we had enterviews there befor an we do not like how
we got enterviewed an who did it. We have to work on skill but we try.

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