Chaulk it up to global warming! 

So much for -28 tonight! I just went to work to grab my cellphone and check on my truck. The temp gauge on the Kenworth read -37C, weather office is saying -33C with a -39C wind chill. The extension/block heater worked well for my Pathfinder :smile:

Current conditions in PR…brrrrrrrrr. :astonished:

Partly cloudy
-9 °C 

Dew Point

-16 °C

-22 °C

-27 °C

57 km/hr NNE
Relative Humidity

62 %

balmy -24 today. Ski hill’s open

I love that… “balmy.” 
Heh-heh, I guess I must be a girly-man and have lived on the coast for far too long.  Actually, it isn’t too bad, having it dry in PR is a nice change. :smiley:

Apparently the weather is all ass backwards this year… We’re getting Easter weather, meanwhile they haven’t even recieved any snow yet in Montreal.  It’s all very strange.

3. Many instances of driving away with the Jeep still plugged in, then spotting a long extension cord following me in my rearview mirror. [/quote]

:blush: I get home tonight and realize I did not unplug my car… So somewhere between work and home is a blue extension cord!

LOL, sorry for the laugh, but I remember those days oh too well. When I live on the flat lands for a few years I left more than a few frayed cords dangling from engine blocks and wall connectors. I think I helped to keep the ole Canadian tire auto department solvent on a few occassions.

I much prefer the steady stream of rain, less for the mind to think about when one jumps into the car in the morning.

This thread makes me think back to a few years when I first started dating my wife. I tease her relentlessly on this story. She was from the lowermainland and had never seen a car plugged in before. On her first trip up to my home in Golden we went to my moms house. I had given her a heads up that my family was(I’m not sure the PC term here) poor. When we went to moms her car was plugged in and my wife thought “man what a junky car that is, it has to be plugged in.” It was some time later that she learned about block heaters and then told me about her first impressions of my moms car.

I sure hope she’s warmed up a bit since then. :imp:

Found my extension cord this morning, about 40 feet from where I parked last night. weee.

And people over here start whining when it’s around 10 degrees.  I keep telling them they’d die in my hometown, and that’s WARM in comparison to a lot of places.

The posts about block heaters remind me of a road trip my family made one Christmas when I was about 10 or so.  Back then, we had a Jeep Cherokee, still made by AMC at the time.  We drove to Prince George and stayed the night.  The next morning we got up and went to start the car.

It wouldn’t start.

I think we got it towed to a garage somewhere, where the mechanic recommended that we get an engine block heater for it.

He then started working a bit more under the hood, and found a power plug.  The truck already had a heater and we didn’t even know about it!

Anytime you can’t lie on the beach and tan it’s too goddam cold. Blame our stupid Brit ancestors. They fought to win Quebec, then just signed over Oregon and stood with their thumbs up their butts when the Yanks snatched Hawaii…
I support those Grand Turk and Caymaners that want to joing Nova Scotia. Hell we gotta surplus, what’s 100,000 more EI claims?

I learned the same lesson today with a glass bottle of Dad’s Rootbeer. An electric heater would be nice, though my engine warms up so quickly there isn’t much point. Seriously, if it’s -20C and I let the car run for 5 minutes, I have heat by the time I get to the first stop sign. Small Aluminum blocks are insane for that. Just ordered a ScanGuage II to play with. Maybe it’ll show intake temp, which would be close to outside air temp.

Oh, and on the topic of freezing it’s only -19 out, while it was -29 at 9am and will be 0 tomorrow… Weird!