Man, it’s cold.  I’m almost considering plugging in my car!

Woah, that brings back memories, rows and rows of cars plugged in.  Northern Canada and parking lots with plugs on poles.  Funny stuff.

Anyway, it’s a lot colder than I remember.

Gonna be -15, really?

And to think that a couple of nights ago, HTMF was almost knocked offline by a flood!  (don’t worry, I noticed it in time, no damage!)

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Yeah it’s super cold out, and it seems like it’s just going to get colder.  I don’t mind the dry coldness though, it’s the black-ice from the thaw/freeze/thaw/freeze that I don’t appreciate.

I had a window open at the house most of yesterday and it was frozen when I came back after work.  Good thing I was able to yank it closed while standing on the kitchen counter for leverage!

I just got in and wowza, she’s going to dip tonight.  I think MiG is right.  My ceramic heater is going to get some use after all.

My computer weather knob says there is a wind warning as well.

MiG - Your post reminds me of when I was stationed in Fort Nelson for a winter season.  Prior to venturing to that neck of the woods, I’d never ever heard of a block heater.  Yet, when one ventures outside the arena there during a hockey game, every car in the parking lot was running, as the temperatures averaged -25.  The grocery store parking lot?  Same thing.  It seemed that if you had a car there, you either had it plugged in, or had it running.  I can also state that I never returned to that neck of the woods.

Yes, it is getting chilly out there:-)  -3 right now…brrrrrr.  I’m running some of my cold water taps in my house just to be safe.  I once had my pipes freeze here in PR years ago and had the pipes burst inside my wall, made a hell of a mess downstairs, lots of water damage.  :smiley:

Well well I heard rupert was getting cold but god damn, im sitting here in my room with 2 ceramic heaters rocking, and im still cold, been working since 5am - 10am (gotta go back at 12:30 - 5:30 still) working out at the airport and god damn windchill… was -34 with windchill today… I also never had a block heater before i got one now. look at how god damn cold its going to be this week. and the average temp for Grande Prairie right now is -2 / -7… big differance.

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Different weather from what we are having… :frowning: wish we had some snow…!

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I won’t post a pic. You don’t even want to know!!!

Okay, I’ll bite just how bad is it in your neck of the woods?  Remember, go easy, we live on the coast and we’re not used to cold weather:-)-

They just announced with the wind chill -38…
cars all running outside the smorg, the video store and the Overwaitea…

Thats pussy weather i know you can hack it. Just put your over clocked computer out side and it will stay nice and cold :smiley:  I bet you can run some nice distilled water out side in a aluminum case and pump it through a water cooler into a computer and it would run wicked… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ouch…that is cold! :astonished:  This is PR right now:

Current Conditions
Mostly cloudy
-5 °C 

Dew Point

-9 °C

-9 °C

-8 °C

10 km/hr ENE
Relative Humidity

73 %

We had a water-cooled in for repair this week. The pipes ran outside and when the guy rammed it into the little space in his desk it cracked the coupling on the CPU end and dribbled over the mobo. 'It ran great for a few minutes’
Fried everything, mobo, cpu, video, soundcard. Wasn’t too pleased.
Would’ve been less pleased if we’d told him the ‘friend’ that sold it to him for $1800 had kludged all that shit onto a $40 Asrock card and $50 SocketA Sempron.

Water-cooled systems never made sense to me.  Why have water cooling something fans can cool as well, and not run the risk of shorting everything out if the water leaks?

Are they more of a gimmick than anything?  The water-cooled systems I’ve seen pictures of do look cool, but just don’t seem very practical to me.  But as usual… I know nothing.

It’s -26 out currently in Grande Prairie. Forecast calls for a high of -29 on Tuesday with a low of -32. On my way to Canadian Tire for a block heater extension cord, though my Pathfinder (more of a Pathloser than anything) starts and warms fine in this weather.

Memories of the deep cold winter:

  1. Plugs on poles.  Everywhere you stopped, you’d plug in, or leave it running.

  2. Block heater extension cords wrapped around side mirrors. 


  1. Many instances of driving away with the Jeep still plugged in, then spotting a long extension cord following me in my rearview mirror.

I also had an internal heater installed, so that when I plugged in the block heater, there would be a little heater running constantly inside the vehicle as well.  I put this in after an unfortunate incident involving leaving an unopened can of Dr. Pepper in the vehicle overnight in -40 temperature. 

If I could hook up some tiny windmills and tiny motors and place them where the cold air rolling off the windows and behind the curtain hits the warm air rising from the heaters, I could generate enough power to run the teevee…

I can see the product now… “As Seen On TV… Act now and get a free window squeegee”


Imagine me in front of the following image, with a toupee:

The current cold weather is about 10 degrees colder than seasonal norms.  As you can see from the weather map behind me, the jet stream is thousands of kilometers more south than usual.

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