Free Snoozles

So I’m just wondering how everyone else is doing with the free home delivery of the Snoozle every Wednesday and Friday.

We went 0 for 2 this week, though our carriers did make a point of showing up for halloween candy on Tuesday night…

I hear rumours that the snoozle is planning to go free five days a week, so I’m looking forward to being overlooked five times a week as opposed to two… :imp: 

hit and miss i get on saturdays most weeks.

My carrier hasn’t missed a day yet, and I believe the paper is always here by 5.

are they actually free, or do you have to subscribe to them to get your free copies, if thats the case there not actually free.  Your getting a kinda 2 one’ish kinda deal.
But not like Zorbas 2 for 1 pizza, becuase you dont actually get the second one for free like they falsely say in there full page add.

My free snoozle shows up every Wednesday and Friday like clock work. :smiley:

This is no joke, but when I use to subscribe to Rogers Cable, they were always trying to get further business. Â One of those such (so called) deals, was that they were offering the regular subscribers with 30 extra channels, for free. Â You didn’t have to do a thing. Â One day you had the basic cable channels, and the next day, you had all these free channels coming out your yin-yang, seriously. Â Then, after about a six week period, Rogers Cable’s sales pitch hit, and it hit very hard. Â For all those regular subscribers who did not advise Rogers that they did not want the extra channels, were actually billed for them. Â You can imagine there to be hundreds of thousands of innocent victims hit in this obsene set up, all at the hands of Rogers Cable. Â I’m not saying this is going to happen with the Daily Snoozel, but I would find it hilariously funny if they did. Â What makes it funny, is that they would have no defence. Â It would be rather a rupert riot, dont ya think? Â lol

I remember that, I’m not sure if Roger’s had to repay all the people that got hit with the bill, but the government made a law prohibiting this negative billing practice.

As for the free snooze, I usually get one of the free deliveries each week and once even got both free papers.

I don’t subscribe to the Snooze at all, and I get the free copies… I don’t think we got in on Wednesday, but I got one last night, and other than that we’ve been getting fairly reliably (if late in the evening).

Anyhow, I suspect that the true reason for the move is that they now get the flyer distribution contracts (distributing the weekly Safeway, Zellers, Crappy Tire, Rona, whathaveyou flyers), which I assume is big money.

Here’s a great marketing scheme: the Fort has always been full of copycats. When I started the first ISP here, there were FOUR within a year. At one time we had 3 flower shops and 7 pizza joints. Then a guy got a water franchise and started delivering bottled water to homes and businesses. (It is a seller here, the local water’s hard as a rock- you break off a glass. Go away for a weekend and the smell of your hot water will make you barf). So they guy struggling as the 3rd satelitte installer and 4th video store in town started carrying water too, but you had to pick it up.
So the OverPricey got into it. Fill up in the store for a couple bucks. Then another guy tried to deliver to home. This summer a PG outfit built a serve yourself 24hr water store behind us in the mall. Guess to milk that huge market off ppl who really needed water between 9pm and 8am when the Overwaitea’s closed. So 2 weeks later the gas station on the rez opens a self-serve water depot.
So the guys from PG came up with this really great marketing plan. From Nov 1 - 15th they’re giving away free water. That’s right, water, absolutely free, in British Columbia.
The irony on so many levels… it was goddam free before they convinced people not to drink what came out of the tap! Hell, you could walk out the end of the wharf and fill your water bottle free out of Stuart Lake and it’s safe to drink. Or even grab some of the 3 feet of soggy wet snow that’s crushing the roofs around here…

Yeah you’re on to something there, the copycat industry is alive and well everywhere, we went trhough a similar thing with coffee shops for a while there, from Java dot, to Lambada’s (dead now)to one in Hecate Strait building (dead now), to the newer ones that have just opened up by City tel, so much coffee, so little time. God help us when Safeway opens up its Starbuck’s kiosk in a few months…

Mind you I think you’re missing a marketing niche of your own there, just get honking big pot, fire up a campfire and melt your snow, bottle it up and sell it as FSJ Snow water, betcha somebody, somewhere buys it up eh! 

Many years ago I worked a niteshift at the PNE for friends the Parsons who owned several food stands. I always messed their sign around so when they came in it would read “Socred Chicken Lunch Special: 2 right wings and a redneck $3.99” or "West End Lunch: Hot buttered Cob of Corn dipped in Chocolate"
One day I posted "Parsonnier Water 20oz cup only $2.99"
Well they had old-fashioned post-mix pop dispensers, you hooked a CO2 tank to city water, and pressed the cup against it. When you hit the 2nd click it shot in 20% concentrate to make the Coke or Sprite.
They figured it out quick (don’t press past the 1st click) and sold many 20oz cups of city water, 1/2c of CO2 in a 2c cup for $2.99.

But you’re right about the FSJ water. The refreshing taste of pure BC water, with vital manganese and molybdenum and just a hint of genuine First Nations excrement…