Free Popup programs?

What are the best free programs that stop popups, ive been having great amount show up.

Use Mozilla, loser.

Or if you have some strange attachment to things that dont work like ie get the google toolbar.

im pro-google bar.

Heh, Firefox has a built-in googler.

And Mozilla also does the same.

Ya I know, but FireFox is cooler.

way cooler.
There’s a NEW AdAware out AdawareSE. get it, update it. run it.

Weeeee… just downloaded it… Very good.

Hammer works the best. Just smash your computer up, no more problems.

the end.

It also works on your head. Please try.


Corrupt_file must have been getting sick of short stories that ended with, “the end.”

If you run Windows XP, download Service Pack 2. The new IE in it comes with a builtin popup blocker.

Im not Swedish! Although, I do like to cook things.

If you know how to make doughnuts you truly know your a swedish chef :smile: