Free phone with $100 airtime deal is on again at 7-11

The free Speakout phone with $100 airtime deal is on again at 7-11.

Great deal, because you end up with $130 of airtime, and a SIM that will work in any GSM phone (even phones locked to Rogers). 

How did you find out MIG?  I don’t see anything about that deal on their website.

People are posting on another forum that they’ve been buying them in Vancouver and Toronto.

It’s on until the end of December, apparently.  So even if you just need to top-up your existing 7-11 account, you can get the free phone and sell it on ebay or something.  The SIM usually goes for $30, as does the phone.

Sounds like a good deal to me, MiG. :sunglasses:  I’ll be getting something like that the second my CityWest CDMA Razr doesn’t function properly (like when I’m on holidays outside of PR :imp:).

So what is the actual cost $30?  Don’t you need a number or to be connected to a network like Rogers or Citywest?

You shell out $100 ($112 or so I guess with tax?) to the clerk at 7-11, and that gets you:

A Nokia 1208 phone (I think, something similarly low-end anyway), $74.00 value
A 250-600-xxxx number
$130 worth of airtime

Also, apparently, instead of getting the Nokia 1208, you can get one of their other phones for $74 less than whatever they normally go for.

I’m sure MiG will correct me if any of that is erroneus.

Has anybody been to the local Sev and noticed if they have this stuff in stock?

non in stock next week maybe!

I’ve never actually seen the phones in stock… maybe they hide 'em? :stuck_out_tongue:

I got the phone from 7 11 phone for me its ok, but my g/f went through 10 dollars a day on that phone, so its not to practicable, if you like texting or being on the phone lots, then go with a plan… if you need a phone for the occasional use then its ok…   :smiley:

Is the phone available locally at 7-11 ??

Yeah they are, you are sometimes required to be put a “the list”

they’ll phone you when they have one in for you.

A whole bunch of them on the counter down there a few minutes ago.

thanks will check in the morning for 1, too wet to do now…

I saw like… three of them today.

Do these phones work in Terrace?
Not sure if Rogers cells work there or not and to my understanding these phones are Rogers…

I would think that they would.  I just read an article in the Daily News (Nov. 28th) that the Rogers network is now available all along highway 16 (they just finished upgrading the network).

They work fine there.  I used mine to call home (P. R.) and any call within the 250 area code is a local call so it will only cost 20 or 25 cents/min depending on the airtime you purchased. If you go for the free phone deal you’ll get the 20 cents/min.

Just a bump to remind people that the free phone deal is still on at 7-11.  It ends at the end of the month.

If you buy $100 worth of airtime, they’ll give you a cheapo Nokia phone.  Then that $100 of airtime magically becomes $125, plus you get a $5 credit for activating.  Good deal, no contracts.

You can then take the SIM out of the phone and put it in another phone if you’d like.

I just bought another $100 top-up for Pam’s iPhone which is using a Speakout SIM, and got the free phone.  You can usually sell the phone and SIM for $30 each on ebay.

SpeakOut uses the Rogers network, so you’ll get good coverage in Rupert, and no extra charge for any area code 250 calls.  ie: the 250 area code is considered a local call, so you only pay the local rate.


Can you explain the SIM to me is it the computer chip in the phone? Do they work in other phones like one from Citywest if your contract ended but you wanted to switch and use your same old phone do you just switch out the sims?
Thanks :smile:

SIM cards are the “identity” of a phone.  On GSM phones, you can just swap them around.

Citywest doesn’t use GSM, so no, you can’t use them in Citywest phones.

This CNet article explains SIM cards:

And here are some photos of the SIMs from the 7-11 phones: … in-canada/