Free long-distance calling

Well, hardly free, unless you’re talking to another person on a computer. And if you’re going to do that, there are better programs than this, ones with video and audio, etc.

It’s more than 3 cents a minute to call somebody who uses a phone. That’s pretty close to citytel’s 5 cents a minute, and people can call you anytime with citytel. And you use a real phone, not your computer’s microphone. On top of that, you don’t have to sound like you’re on mars when you use citytel. VOIP LAG!!! Did you say something? Hello are you there?

I’m pretty confident VOIP is the future, but this isn’t it. Not yet anyway.

skype. old news.

Skype works alright. I set it up on my great uncle’s machine a couple of months ago and he finds it easy to use. Sounds like he uses it a couple of times a week to talk to family in the Slovak regions and such, and the sounds quality is as good or better than telephone. Keep in mind that most, great uncles don’t fall into a very computer literate generation :smile: Seems not to matter.

My boss called me on one lastnight testing it in vancouver sounded clear a a phone to me anyways… WOnder if there is a mac version.