Free hugs

What a cool concept, sort of like do one good deed a day.

Free Hugs in KOREA

Free Hugs Amsterdam

Free Hugs scotland

Free Hugs Peru

Free Hugs in Jaffa, Israel

there from all around the world…

here are more, find em and post them…spread the love…

Free Hugs in China!

Free Hugs Manila, Philippines

Theres a bunch of jobless good for nothing hippies doing that in Van

When I think the term Hippies, I think late 60’s and 70’s just like disco 70’s so when I hear the term hippies in the 90’s and the millennium  I don’t get it. Hippies were mostly made up of teenagers and young adults who apposed the Vietnam War, experimented with psychedelic drugs and promoted sexual liberation.
So know we call anyone with long hair and not working a Hippie, I think Hippies from my time would be offended that the term is just thrown around, when in fact we owe a lot to Hippies.

Also the kids in these video’s look like kids who go to school, university or college. We live in a culture that is scarred to show any time of emotion, or physical contact whether it be a mom and child, a teacher and a student. Or even a co-worker. Hugs are frowned upon and now we have children who are taught that touching is bad. Our kids need touch like hugs, there have been numerous studies done on touch and hugging shows that the release of a hormone called oxytocin, which Swedish researchers have show is associated with reduced levels of stress hormones, promotion of growth and healing and social bonding.

I would hate to live in a world were a innocent child is scarred to hug or touch a friend, his parents because someone told him/her it was bad.

I was 12 in 1969…peace…man. :sunglasses:

Well Astro, if you look like your picture there I’ll give you a hug:)

Your 50 this year!!!..

Yep. :smiley:

i hope when i’m 50 i spend my free time arguing with people in their 20’s on a local message board.