Free cats! They need a loving home! Both Scotty Folds!

Looking for a home for 2 wonderful cats. My allergies are killing me. I have a 4 yr old scotty fold fixed male named Dipper. And he would be great for a single person. A little skittish with new ppl. I also have another scotty fold 1 yr old un fixed female that is named Sohpie. She is quite the charactor!! She loves at…tention, loves anyone and everyone! These two cats have been house cats their whole lives. I have taken them in about 9 months ago and adore them to pieces. I thought my allergies could handle it! But i was wrong.

If you are interested in taking in either of these cats pls give me a email me at and my name is Tricia.

(rupertite is just postin it for me … I do not no much about the cats other than they are adorable!!! If we didnt have 3 already they would be here already!) … =878630577

Is a link to a pic of sophie … =878630577

Is a link to dipper

Beautiful Cat almost reminds me of my cat Bud who some f/n crack head killed. There will never be another Bud but Crack heads continue to exist.