Free av software?

Whats the best free av software, i used to love avg, haven’t used it in about 3 years because i use mac, but im fixing a peecee for a friend, is avg still a good one ? OR !


Avast Free Antivirus is a very good free antivirus.

AVG is now up to v9.0
I prefer Avast too now, though I’m beginning to see some limitations.

Both have become popular enough that the latest viruses disable them if they can.

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Thanks herb, the post was ment for you :smile:

I’ll try avast see what she does. 

On-boot scanner is the main feature you’re looking for in Avast. It cleans and deletes when others most-times do not. The basic on-access scanner is okay, but nothing steller. Given the antivirus cleaning abilities at this cycle/time, one would be better off purchasing antivirus, like NOD32, then using a secondary free solution to install and scan intermittently -for thoroughness.

I tried using Nod32 on a machine where Avast and Malwarebytes were already compromised. Took out the viruses fine.
Unfortunately it would not let Thunderbird run properly. No way, no how, blocked it.

Took it off and went back to Avast.

If I paid myself shop rates for the time I fixed those 2 computers I could bought another Mac!