Fraser River Salmon Run

It is great to hear the run is very good!!! However; wondering how many of the escaped Atlantic salmon are included in the numbers and if we will hear about that? Was there not a group that was released/escaped a few years ago? We do not hear much about the Atlantic mixing in with the wild.

I do know, anglers and fishermen are to report the species if caught. It will be interesting to see over the next few years how this mix will affect the wild stocks.

Fish stocks in the 50s/60s when we had many canneries, there was a bounty on the noses of the seals ($5.00/nose) and the runs were a lot higher. Do not get me wrong, I like watching the seals and I know they are important for traditional foods for First Nations. I have even tried the meat and the oil is good. Wondering if there is a market for processing this to the Asian market? Just some thoughts. :smile: