Franklin Delano Pond and the fireside chat

Wish I had seen this earlier

I wish I didn’t click play.

Watching that make me puke…
Liberals don’t give a shit about First Nation’s People…
I get so tired of Herb playing that card that he cares about them.
Between the signs and this video yuck…

Please please please don’t mention that referendum on First Nations, please please please.

And please please don’t mention that trophy bear hunt thing and those rumours about oil slicks …

I want to play too!  Please please please don’t mention the fact that Herb Pond broke the law when he was mayor, please please please.

Or Fish Farms, let’s not talk about Fish Farms, please!

Oh you guys ruin all my fun… I’m going home…

Ah don’t forget Citywest and our shiny cable operation oh where’s the dividend now

… buried somewhere in the 2008 financial statement along with the “forgiven debt of $20,000,000 to reflect current economic conditions”. (pg 38).

Did he really say he brought “high paying jobs” and “prosperity” to our community ?  What is he smokin’ and can I have some ?    :astonished:

Oh my, all he has done for us should speak for itself.(and it has) all those  herb pond signs.  He must think we are morons.  There must be 20 between 9th west and 3 rd ave. Never mind those big ugly pyramids.  I sure hope he cleans up after LOSING the election or will he just leave them there until the next election?  Herbie sucks!!!

AAARRRGGGHHH…yet another compelling reason why I voted for Gary.  :smiley:  Mr. Pond on the Intertubes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, he’s gonna re-open the pulp mill too right?

I think I just got the pond flu… 

Why doesn’t he look at the camera most times he just averts his eyes to the right or left

No, that was Bill Belsey who made that promise.

Herb Pond just bankrupted the city and left a financial mess. 

Who the hell is Franklin Delano Pond? Who the hell would call someone that? No wonder he has become such an ass.

I think that was Smurfette’s own creation–it’s not really the title of the video. Just a little joke.

Yikes Justin, calm down… the reference was to FDR’s fireside chats, back from the days of the depression, Mr. Pond has in no way compared himself to FDR, satire, it’s a form of satire.