Frack! It's raining!

So we’re supposed to have a big storm, which is apparently in progress.

Any bets on whether we lose power or not?  Or if we lost <gasp!> internet access?

If it’s anything like the storms they’ve had down south…  but then again, I guess we’re used to this stuff, right?

The wind is blowing more tonight than it was the last time we lost power… so who knows.

Rupert does have one thing going for it… we drain really well :smiley:  Oh and we don’t completely shut down during storms like other places :smiley:

The downpour of rain mixed with those extremely high winds are ingredients for a slide.  I just got in and its worse than nasty out there.  One can never tell if this type of extremity will cause the power to go out… I’ve had the power go out with less stormy environments.  But hey, who knows.  Its sure a different story than when I was out at 5:00AM this morning though.  She was blowing snow everywhere and I really was surprised to see a “RAIN WARNING” on my pc’s temperature marker.

my money is on it calming down between 8 and 9 am, so then i get flown out to work, and then for the next 4 days its total shit and im stuck out at work.