Found this today from old Booth School

Canada’s Greatest Wrestler

What about his tag-team partners Bulldog Brown and Big John Quinn, and  Duncan McTavish, Dutch Savage, Eric Frolick, Andre The Giant, et al. And don’t forget Gorgeous George.

Those were the days.  :sunglasses: I remember a gag where Alberta’s Buck Jones as the Masked Avenger hurled another wrestler over the top rope into our laps. Very spectacular!

I grew up in Vancouver.  During grade 11/12, (late '60s) a group of us would get tickets from Fred Asher and go to the weekly taping of All Star Wrestling at the old BCTV studios in Burnaby.  We cheered for the bad guys - Dutch Savage, John Tolos, Abdullah the Butcher - upsetting little old Jessie the lady who always sat front and centre. 

Good guy patsy Eric Froelich always lost and I mocked him one time with “When you gonna win one, Eric.” 

“How about now,” he retorted and made a menacing movement toward me.  Needless to say I declined.

Anyway to paraphrase Canada’s Greatest Athlete, “I would like to thank my fellow Canadians and American viewing audience for allowing me in their homes via hackingthemainframe.”

I remember when stampede wrestling came to the civic…brett hart was there…owen hart…diamond timothy flower…cuban assasin.
Then …I cant remember the guys first name…OHH just came…Steve Bodger almost started scrappin the cuban assasin…Great FUn…
What year is that picture of myles taken?

I believe it was around 82 or 83, Gene wrestled a guy or two from PRSS, but can not remember their names Myles says. Myles looks like a jockey next to Gene but Myles has a big friend by his side.