Found Dog pls help us find OWNER

Just found this dog walking around Mcdonald’s parking lot at 8:40pm tonight, she has no collar, obviously has a great home, she rolled over for a tummy rub and sat in the back seat the whole way home… pls share this so we can find her home. pls pm me if you have details on this dog. pls call 2506007886

I believe there is a guy who works at WWF who has a dog that looks like that. You might want to try calling there tomorrow if you still have her.

What a beauty , I sure hope that someone claims this dog . I hope that you are keeping it warm and comfortable especially with this change of weather . What a beauty !

Hey everyone I know the owner and he got his dog back last night with the help of Facebook.

Wonderful news! :smile:

That’s the greatest news ! AND thank you Prlady for taking him in! Awesome !!