Fort Steele Campground sign

An interesting lesson about the outdoors


That’s an old outdoors joke… :imp:

You need a bit if a sense of humour to live in the Kootenays, at least when it comes to wildlife. My first intro to the area was a photo by a local of a grizzly yearling licking the outside of a window in his house. I’ve taken my mom out for walks at a favourite alpine lake and warned her to step over the bear poo. We learned it’s not wise to have a cat door because of skunks. A cougar stalked and ate a poodle on the outskirts of town and we suspect we list a young cat to a cougar a few years later.  :cry:  

Lol, got a good chuckle out of that one.

At first I thought it was a ‘real’ sign, until I read the ending, hehe. :smiley: