Former minor hockey coach and referee pleads guilty

A former Prince Rupert Minor Hockey coach and referee pleaded guilty to sexual exploitation during a court hearing today.

CBC story on the guilty plea … ation.html

So here’s a potential question for our local news types, perhaps they could inquire as to whether the PRMHA executive at the time knew of these types of accusations and if they acted upon them and how?

Would hate to think that any potential problem here was just kicked down the road to Alberta, culminating in the recent guilty plea entered.

Might also help to learn from the local association as to what steps are in place locally to make sure this kind of criminal activity doesn’t have a chance to take root here.

From the article: “Paolinelli is also under investigation for a sexual assault that allegedly occurred in Prince Rupert. No charges have been laid in the Prince Rupert investigation, but police are asking anyone one who may have been victimized by Paolinelli to come forward.”

If they were making Rupert charges part of any plea deal then they would have waited to see if the Crown Counsel office swears an information. That hasn’t happened yet, according to the article.

I was not invovled in PRMHA at the time this person was, I am now, however there is a criminal record check done on all coaches there is a 2D rule meaning 2 adults in the change room / bus ( min) at all times. If there are any girls on the team then a female parent is to be present as well as another Adult. I often say where there is a will there is a way … and I think that if there were any issues they would have been dealt with at the time. If there is any questions or concerns the parties involved are asked to bring forth the issue in writing to the hockey executive who then have terms and conditions of Hockey Canada that they must follow.

Understand that we cannot deal in hearsays or allegations, so it is asked to be in writing, citing details etc., to protect all parties.