Formatting Help (Urgent!)

Here’s my story:

When I built my computer, I used a magic XP disk that was somehow free. Well, it’s a year later, and even though I am constantly scanning for viruses, spyware, have a firewall, etc. I’ve managed to get a virus I can’t get rid of.

Now, I’ve had viruses before, and I’ve cleaned computer systems for people that have asked me to remove their viruses… but I’ve never had one like this and I can’t get rid of it.

Anyway, so since I’ll only have this computer up until I move down south in which case I’ll be getting an iBook, I figured, instead of using another magic disk, and instead of spending $250 for Home Edition, I’d just buy the $100 upgrade, format my comp and install Windows 98, then use the upgrade.

Well, that’s where my story ends. I can’t format my hard drive. Thanks to there being no MS-DOS, I can’t do the good 'ol “FORMAT C:”, and because I bought the upgrade I can’t just stick it in the CD drive and let it work magic. I changed my BIOS so my CD-ROM is my primary boot drive and put the Windows 98 disc in there to see if it would load that up and I could format from there, but… noop.

Please help, I’ve got to get my computer back on track (I’m in Safe Mode right now) so I can finish the maintenance on a client’s website and print out an invoice.

You need to make a Windows '98 boot disk on floppy, on which there is MS-DOS.

So you come on here to get help so you can get your clients invoice out HUMM!! so where is out share of the money ?

Are you formatting to put 98 on or xp ?


Thanks for the replies, I actually didn’t need them. 10 minutes after I posted this I figured I’d try to boot off the Upgrade CD and it worked fine :stuck_out_tongue: