Format 1.01!

I need some quick help!

I’m ready to format my computer, got the boot sequence in order, all the calipers are ready, jumpers, breakers, starter fluid, you know it…

Anyways, when I right-click on my C drive and click on Format and it warns me “Yo, you gonna balete everything” and I’m all OK… then I get a Yellow Exclamation point sayin’ Windows cannot format this drive. Quit any disk utilities or the other programs that are using this drive, and make sure that no window is displaying the contents of the drive. Then try formatting again.… pshhhhhhh

I closed all the piss in my taskbar, closed all windows and tried it again… but I keep getting that same piss!

WTF’s going on? Please help, I wanna get this shit done 3day…

P.S. I have a Worm on my computer that I can’t quite get rid of… would that be a process that’s running and messin’ with me?

Ummm Like hello you can’t format a drive that your running off of. can you drive your car down the street and remove the tires off it ?

He could find a way…

The easiest way to format/install Windows is to use the CD. For example, if you boot from your XP CD and get the setup thing going, it’ll ask you if you want to reinstall or format/install. It’s pretty straight forward. MSN me or something if you get stucked. I’ll see if I can find a link that might help ya out quicklier.

Like Jason said… You can’t format the C: drive if you’re using it… Windows is probably on your C: Drive, so if you right-clickity and ask it to format, it’ll be like, ‘why you all tryin make me kill myself foo’? It can’t do that.

boot with any clean DOS/Win98/WinMe disk from cold start
fdisk agin and delete partition

then boot from XP CD (if u can) and fresh install.
then u wack everything.
or cold boot with CD into Repair console and fixboot, then boot again and make sure it does fresh install and reformat.

Word. SO I’m reinstalling it, but it didn’t offer anywhere for me to Format/Install… so now it just finished doin’ a Repair and I’ve got 30 minutes left on the Reinstall…

Heh, repair might work, but the worm is probably still on there. When it asks you to click ‘r’ for repair, there shoudl be another option press ‘enter’ to continue… If you pick that, it’ll ask you if you want to delete the old windows etc etc… You need to press something like ‘d’ and then ‘l’ and then pick the type of format. (It’ll walk you through it fairly easily)

If you’re trying to get rid of a worm, you’ll want to make sure that setup nukes your install by formatting or quick formatting the drive. You shoudl probably pick Quick NTFS, it’s faster. Quick format works just peachy and takes a few seconds vs several minutes or an hour.

I want to do a Full Format, but now I can’t do shit.

It’s done installing and it wants me to register Windows with Microsoft before it’ll let me into windows, but my Network connection is cut off now so I can’t get into Windows… it’s right fucked!

This didn’t happen last time I formatted and installed, I was able to navigate windows like nothing and I could install all my drivers, updates and Virus Protection before even worrying about the internet…

Fuck around and around and around! … dexemu.htm

CLick the link that says clcik here to start… aydda ydaa… It’s cool

If you don’t like animated junk, this one is easy with pictars. … llpage.htm


Well that was Mad Stupid Easy! But boy did it make me frisky…

I did this same thing 4 months ago but I totally forgot what was up, so hopefully I’ve got it for good now.

Thanks again.

You shouldn’t have to re-install windows. A good bug program and the repair function should fix 99% of problems.
Download bartPE and add stinger. That’ll boot from CD and disinfect things enough to get you going again for a real AV program. I just update stinger each month and rerun the bartPE iso maker for a new boot/disinfect CD.