Forest Fire in the Nass

does anyone have any info on how big/small the fire is? Very hazy day on the coast today…I am hoping it’s not bad, although no fire is good. Seen that Northern BC has an open fire ban in effect…

Does the open fire ban include Prince Rupert?

So far this is what is posted on Facebook:

1:44 AM
Forest Fire Outside Aiyansh, Can be seen from the Village: “Anyone In The Nass Valley Or Close To The Nass Valley Who Has Their “S100” Please Come & Help Put the Forest Fire Out. It is getting Bigger & We Need As Much Help As Possible. Please. Call Gitlaxt’aamiks Village Government at 1-877-588-2388 Thank you”. Flashlights/water bottles and food NEEDED. They are asking all volunteers to check in at Gitlaxtaamiks Village Government to sign in.

11:45 PM
LATEST UPDATE: For everyone There is NO Evacuation in New Aiyansh! There is a Need for Volunteer Fire Fighters, to build a fire wall so please if you need a ride call Gitlaxt’aamix village government at 1-877-588-2388 Thank you and God Bless

9:30 PM
Anyone in the Nass Valley or Close to the Nass Valley Who Has Their “S100” Please Come Help Put the Forest Fire Out, it is getting Bigger and We Need as Much help as possiable So Please Call Gitlaxt’aamixs Village Government at 1 877-588-2388 Thank…you and God Bless
** it was a lightening strike that started the fire its between a farm and the ball field
**Smoke is getting thick near Laxgalts’ap

All four villages are gathered to help contain the fire by making a fire wall or helping with food and water, and some people from Prince Rupert also gathered volunteers.

Does the open fire ban include Prince Rupert?

yes check out parks BC canada

I believe the ban ends in the Kalum Forest District, We live on wet sponge i doubt theres a ban in rupert :smile:

That’s what the sign says heading out of Rupert.

More info

[quote]Campfire Bans in Northwest Fire Centre

• Definition of Campfires

Effective at noon on 29 July 2010, campfires and all open burning are prohibited within the old Kalum forest district, the Nadina fire zone, and the Bulkley fire zone of the Northwest Fire Centre to help prevent human-caused wildfires and protect public safety (see a map).

This ban applies to open fires of any size, including campfires, along with fireworks, tiki torches and burning barrels. The ban does not apply to cooking stoves that use gas, propane or briquettes, or to portable campfire apparatus with a CSA or ULC rating using briquettes, liquid or gaseous fuel, as long as the operator maintains it with a flame length no longer than 15 centimetres. Campfire apparatus that do not meet these requirements are prohibited.

This ban covers all BC Parks, Crown and private lands, but does not apply within local government boundaries that have forest fire prevention bylaws. [/quote]!Project/WildfireNews/7262010~114115_2010.07.29%20Campfire%20Ban.pdf EDIT: posted wrong link.