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Work for the dole…(welfare)

That article was very enlightening and I have to ask why our system works on just the premise that you can sit on your ass from one month to the next, you don’t have to do a darn thing and guess what??, we will pay you to do that…It is a farce…I have listened to people on welfare and they say they will not work for anything less than $10 per hour but do they know on welfare they are earning less than $4 based on a 40 hour work week.?  I assume this has been discussed on here many times but something has to be done. Welfare is not a right people, you do not sit outside Tims, walk the mall, hang at SA, just wander around all day and not expect to have to do anything for what you get.  The bottom line is us tax payers may as well just take our money to the streets, throw it into the air and watch the vultures swoop.  It is a great program they have down under, we should sit up and take notice and provide some dignity to those who hate being a part of the system and get rid of the ones who have been sitting on their asses for the last 10-15 years !! :imp:

I’m glad this was posted. I have a huge beef with the whole system too. I’ve been trying to get funding to get my first aid, I haven’t been on welfare or EI, simply because I don’t like being paid for by other people. But it seems as if, because I’m NOT taking funds from the government, there isn’t much funding available for me. I’m not aboriginal, so that avenue is closed.

How does one, who is trying to be self sufficient, go about getting help in this country? But that’s the way the system works I guess. Lets give the people who usually don’t take the initiative to want to be better, all of the opportunities in the world, which they don’t take. And make the regular people work their asses off for the same end result…

I’m feeling kind of bummed out about the whole situation, but I’m going to keep searching. There has to be a way to get what I want.

I agree with everything you said bubbasteve735…It seems for those of us who wish to better ourselves but possibly need a little assistance to the next step up, we are shut down as we do not qualify for any of the existing programs because WHY ?  The system as it sits, caters to those who will take one of the courses offered and some will do so in order to stay on the system  to receive their next cheque, no intention of possibly even completing the course, but they can be proud earning their $4 per hour.  The logic has long escaped me but in the end , I know that if I can manage on my own, then I am the better for it and no one can ever accuse me of mooching off the tax dollars of others.  I guess that is the only way of looking at it or we will go crazy about the unfairness of the whole process…Good Luck on your future endeavours !  I have a feeling this will be a hot topic  !!

This pales in comparison to Corporate welfare. One example: our government representing a population of only 30 million people just gave General Motors 3.3 billion dollars. $110 from every man, woman, child, and baby in Canada. We will see GM close more “shops” in North America and further employment loss while GM opens more plants in China and has 10% + growth rate there. All with a little help from the Canadian tax payer. Ask me how much I care right now whether a small percentage (less than one) of our population abuse our welfare system. 

  It may pale in comparison to all your stats Dex, but when you are dealing with this situation in your own backyard on a daily basis, I think it hits closer to home than what may be happening on a “grander” scale…  And as for less than one per cent, I have been given much higher stats than that for this town alone !

If you own a home, assuming it’s not paid for (not many of us are that lucky !), have a job, then you are paying for the WAY more than one % of people abusing the system.  Look around you . It’s a free service, basically effortless, damn straight, it’s abused and as was already posted, something has to be done. So maybe step down a little off your high horse and think a bit about those of us who are getting pissed off with the way the system is run in THIS town, we’ll worry about the rest of the world when they give a crap about us !

Well I can appreciate the words from Jazella, Codybear and also Bubbasteve in regards to welfare and how the system is and has been abused. Now reading this person Dex and their out look, its nice to see some people seem to be still lucky and they seem to be having rich or well off relatives who may hand over to them things other people must struggle for in life. Heads up their asses while they watch Fox news. If they don’t read it or see it on Fox they don’t know shit.

I don’t know what problem you have with people collecting welfare but it is an essential social service. There will be people that abuse it and there always has been. Maybe this town has a higher percentage of abusers, but when I pay my taxes I pay for all the welfare abusers in British Columbia; on a grander scale :wink:

No problem with people collecting welfare,  had a short time in my life when I had to myself.  It was handy,  I got off it.  But people have to realize there is more out there than welfare.  Some people are just lazy,  or are born into it and do not know any different. 

For me, I think it would give people the option,  Work for welfare,  or go out and get a job for a real wage.  If you have only that as an option, those people who are just choosing to be on welfare,  or do not knowany better will the joy and pride that comes from working a hard days work.

Of course there are people who will need welfare time to time,  and some who will need to be on welfare for life. But what wonderful things we can do for those people in need if there are not others needlessly draining the system.

And you are paying even more for corporate welfare; considerably more!! Although, I cannot see any tax advantage to owning a house mortgage free vs owning with a mortgage like you suggest. Any inside info you could share?

Its always been abused. Sheesh people used to travel the country by Greyhound stopping town after town collecting welfare cheques in each town. A little harder to abuse the system today, but there is abuse and there will always be abuse.

The Welfare system, I believe, is run by the Ministry of Housing and Social Development. A Provincial Ministry. The standards for eligibility are Provincial. If you have evidence someone is abusing the system and it angers you so much be proactive and make the phone call and write a letter. 

Other than that, the cost of corporate welfare is higher than individual welfare, for every tax payer.

That’s funny! I don’t think I have ever watched Fox news.

Why work for welfare? If there is work to do hire someone. Why would you make someone work for a welfare cheque? That’s slave labour!!! If you want to train them, then train them, there has always been training programs for welfare recipients. But don’t take jobs away from people that need them just because someone is to lazy to get a job themselves. That’s ludicrous.

3.3 billion dollars could go along way towards…

Is the $3.3 billion a loan or free money?

I agree with you that it’s hypocritical for a government that preaches free-market economics to have to give GM $3 billion.  If the company goes into bankruptcy (which it did), then that’s the free market working. 

Which car companies didn’t ask for a bailout?  They are effectively being punished for being successful while GM (and Chrysler to a lesser extent) are being rewarded for building crappy cars nobody wants.

Work for the dole…(welfare)[/quote]

AKA: Social Enterprise

i think people on welfare should pick up garbage and all the piles of dog crap and take it to the office to get their cheque  :stuck_out_tongue:

i think people on welfare should pick up garbage and all the piles of dog crap and take it to the office to get their cheque  :stuck_out_tongue: [/quote]

I am going to assume that this is a joke. Litterbugs and dog owners are the ONLY people that should have to pick up garbage and dog do-do.

Yes, there are people who abuse the system. Yes, people should at least make some kind of contribution for pay. Yes, a system that is easy for those who make no effort and difficult for those who do make effort is a broken system.

I will NEVER support further debasing an already degrading experience - especially not during a recession when many proud people are being forced to ask for help to put food in their bellies.

Loans. Unfortunately it doesn’t really matter. When you consider less than 20% of corporate repayable loans have been paid back since 1982 it is highly likely GM will not get around to repaying the loan. And we can expect further layoffs, etc.
We already gave GM 200 million in 2005 - Program for Strategic Industrial Projects

It certainly is wrong on many levels. The government borrows money to lend it to a company that no one else wants to lend to. 

Good to see they are investing our money.  :unamused: … IV20090830

Reminds me of Prince Rupert’s handling of the Skeena Cellulose back-taxes.

Prince Rupert taxpayers subsidized the taxes of a non-working pulp mill owned by the Peoples Liberation Army.  Awesome.  And we’re still paying for that brilliance with our new and improved taxes.