For those that have ever locked their car keys in the car!

Knock three times on the door if you want me! … 8e8976bc04

Perhaps this is the REAL reason they have banned fluids from all flights…

Last night at the campsite I was staying at the battery died in our 5th wheel so we couldn’t use the pump or lights but we still had to brush our teeth, so my dad went outside to start up the truck and charge the battery a bit and ended up bumping the lock and locking his keys in the truck WHILE IT WAS RUNNING.  So, it’s 10:00 at night and we’re using the built-in flashlight on my old cell phone to open the door, we ended up prying the door open with our hands (because the door hadn’t closed all the way) to run the wire in and after 1/2 an hour of trying managed to get it open.  Surprisingly, the door was not bent.

Back in school, my flight partner once left the keys in the ignition and locked the door on a Cessna 172. Luckily another fleet C172 was on its way to that airfield and its keys worked.

Wow. I think I’d be pretty upset to have to sit there and watch the pilot force his way back into the cockpit.


But like the story says, the first officer is qualified to land the plane on his own. I don’t know what kind of technolgy the Air Canada CRJ-100 has onboard, but I think most airliners can land themselves when needed anyways. Westjet sure has some cool toys though.

Westjet has my vote for best in-flight entertainment.  The sattelite tv in the seats made the trip go by a lot faster.  There was also another flight with Westjet that had plug in radios in the seats as well.

In a close 2nd, one of the float planes I took from Nanaimo to Vancouver had the first 15 minutes of Top Gun playing from a drop down 17 inch LCD. 

Yeah, I flew Westjet to the East Coast this summer – it rocked compared to my last trip on Air Canada.

WestJet is flying the nice, quiet and smooth 737-800 (with the individual tvs!), while the Air Canada CRJs are loud and whiney, cramped and full of bugs and “issues”. 

They couldn’t get the pressurization to work on my last CRJ trip, and the air exchanger wasn’t working, the APU was fricken loud, all I could hear on the entire trip was a loud beeeeeeeeeeeeep.  On top of that, it was 4 hours on the ground with “mechanical issues” and we aborted take off half way down the runway in Toronto.  The plane was surrounded by fire trucks and everything.  On top of all that, the staff were rude and obnoxious.

The best advertising Westjet is people flying on Air Canada!

wow your oun tv on flight, Mig did your look like this. OH man I couldnt resist.

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Those aren’t even ugly trannies man… 5 seconds more on google next time :smiley:

So you think they’re hot? Muhaha.

By toys, I was thinking more along the lines of their integration of GPS precision approach technologies, etc. Private TVs are still snazzy. Air Canada is just a bad joke, just like the last company I worked for. My old job is to Air Canada as my new job is to West Jet. I’m doing the same thing, but now I’m a shareholder working with state of the art machinery, with a smile on my face. Even my backup’s backup system is touchscreen color LCD.

There’s a HUUUUUUUGE difference between being ugly, and being hot.  Those trannies are neither. :smiley: