For those of you

That think the Conservatives are not going to turn Canada in Jesusland North, read this story, I particularly like the quote

'If it’s a sweep, he may well have one Ontario MP, Rondo Thomas, who believes the definition of marriage should not be tinkered with because it has been in place since Adam and Eve.

“That’s about 6,000 years ago, for those of you who might not be aware,” ’…d=968332188774

The amount of ignorance and arrogance in that statement is absolutely staggering. How can anyone with such an incredibly narrow mind set competently run a country?

What use is facts, data, and expertise when this idiot obviously knows what he needs to know?

What next? Banning the teaching of evolution in schools? How about Big Bang cosmology?

Be very afraid.

I really hope if the conservatives win it is a minority government at least that way they wont be able to push things too far. I am not religious and i dont want some jackass running our country who is going to push their beliefs onto me.

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