For sale

1985 Ford E150 Van (Blue) - Runs Great, Low KMs, Recently Safetied. Asking $1500 O.B.O.

If interested, email hoshq AT hotmail DOT com.

Heh, what happened to $500?

Anyone have a beater 4X4? I don’t care about looks, just looking for a cheap beater.

I think that the Derry’s blue/silver Blazer is still for sale. I have no idea what they want for it though. Next time you’re at Eso’s you should run next door and ask what they want for it.

The “For Sale” sign in the liftgate window says $2500.

It’s pretty sweet though, that truck made it from 11th Avenue East to Prince Rupert Boulevard… through the BC Packers Trail!! :wink:

Hoshq: I’ll give you $200 for your van.

hahha hoshq 300 :smiley:

Did you forget the decimal in there somewhere?

ahhh yes…
$30.00 :smiley:

hehe i like the way you think kao 30$ much better then 300$ :smiley:

(psst hoshq - $300.00) :stuck_out_tongue:


ahhh yes…
$30.00 :smiley:

hehe i like the way you think kao 30$ much better then 300$ :smiley:

(psst hoshq - $300.00) :stuck_out_tongue:[/quote]

Well I figured if you gave him $30.00 for his van, you’d still have money left to pay me for my bat! Either give it back or pay up! I have someone else interested in it.

aye, well i want it, just no work yet :frowning: slow start so yea ill bring it by sometime


Does anyone have a 100-200watt 1ch or 2ch amp for sale? I just need something to power a single 10" sub… Looking to spend as little as possible.

Hey, do you already have a sub? Because I am looking to get rid of one of my 10"'s (with box) to make a little bit more room in my trunk.

No, I don’t have a sub(s) yet. My birthday is coming up here pretty quick, so I might try to get the old man to buy me an amp, and I’ll grab two of those cheap fosgate subs from futureshop.