For Sale!

We could call it the HTMF online garage sale. Get out your bardering skillz.

Geeze, Hi Timez, knocking my topic off of the front page with all that useless info.

Good info so READ! Or I will make a huge Wrestling post!


Night Court > *

How about we get rid of the “latest forum posts”? Or just have the latest posts in certain forums included?

Any ideas about a new front page?

I wouldn’t mind making a wanted/for sale forum, as well as maybe a Terrace/Kitimat forum.

classic dog on the front page :stuck_out_tongue:

I think just a new forum as a part of htmf would work good.

For the new front page, i think something very simple would be nice. Maybe a few headlines posted by miguel on important issues or something, and a simple forum navigation bar. I like the colors right now though, its easy on the eyes.

As long as the “new posts” link stays under my nickname… you may do what you wish with the front page. I don’t even look at the recent posts unless something grabs my attention.