For Sale sign up on the City hall

I just drove past City Hall and theres a for sale sign that read “For sale everything must go”…lol… too funny wich I had a camera

What’s really funny is that it might not be a joke.

Just like Skippies Aprol Fools Day joke last year that got the whole town mad… school uniforms… … s-day.html

What’s really funny is how there’s snow in the photo :frowning:

mmmm snow

I was really hoping the snow was a joke when I looked out the window this morning.

That was the best one in a long time… it didn’t just effect the school, it made everyone go crazy!

Yup, even mother nature got into the act today. Snow. Sheesh.

Stupid snow…thought I was having a good hair day, I went out, walked three minutes to get somewhere, and I looked like frickin’ Tina Turner. Wind and snow/rain do not go well together…grr.