For Sale: 1984 Ford Bronco

First off, this is not my vehicle, I’m just posting this for my friend. For sale is a 1984 Ford Bronco in good condition. It currently has 145,000 KMs on it. This weekend, he will be taking pictures and giving actual specs of the Bronco so right now this is more of just a test to see how many people are interested in buying it. Anyone is welcome to go and see it, just PM me for the address. He is wanting $800 OBO right now, he’s been trying to get rid of it for months and months.

what color? 4X4? hmmm 84 bronco… same age as I

yeah its a 4x4 and its black

I also heard a rumour that this bronco hit Steven Eso.

??? i’m not talking about thinh’s bronco, ryan morgan is selling his too

thinh wants like 5 grand haha, ryan wants $800

i got a bronco for ya.

Post some pics and specs…been looking to get a cheap vehicle for a while now. This sounds like something I might be interested in…

he’s taking pictures right now, i’ll post them in a few minutes.

pictures are here:

here’s what he’s done with it:

The truck is a 2.8L 4X4 4 speed standard with over drive. It is currently parked in his backyard, PM me for the address…

I’d be more interested in this '86 BII you’re using for parts. Anything for sale on that beast?

I’d be interested in a 2.9L V6 for rebuilding, a transmission, and possibly lots of other shit. Call 622-8505 and ask for Geoff if you’ve got some parts.

I’m more interested in how it is you’re online right now?