For parents of teens

It does appear that these are the only two options available to me right now.

Teenage daughter anyone???

I think, any kind of counsiling, should be focused not on blame, but on what the client’s place in all of it was.

Less focus on blame to others, and more taking responsibility for ourselves.

And as for teenage daughter troubles. She will grow out of it.

boot camp!

Boot camp does not work, it just puts other adults into a power trip , Youth need someone who will listen and who is willing to offer advice if asked but is also willing to listen to what the youth has to say, a friendly ear and also willing to walk with the youth in question if that is what they wish for. That voting is pretty hard to decide on with only two options and neither one seems like a fair call. So I will not vote.

I also think the two options are a bit extreme.  We do have a teenager living under our roof; she receives guidance, love, and a listening ear.

Depends on the situation. Can’t treat each situation the same.

I’m grateful that my parents were strict to me.

I sometimes thought my husband was a little too strict with the boys, but they have learned to be gentlemen and care about other people. We had our fair share of problems with them, but they were listening. It shows now what we were trying to drill into them. So like the others have said, just be fair ( but strict) and open to anything they are willing to tell you, and always try not to be too judgemental. Teens are very sensitive young people, and we really want to be understanding to the little buggers, so hold on, you’ll make it through the tough years…
become the change is appropriate… :wink:

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  Are you truly this bizarre or are you attempting some minimal degree of humour?


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Don’t forget about the invisible fences.

That just takes the fun and education out of it.

Not if you set them all up in a well thought out and elaborate maze.

Invisible corn maze!@ I like the way you think.

I raised a daughter thru her teens all by myself.
I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.
Fortunately it all worked out well, but it was total hell for a couple years.

why would you encourage jesus… :neutral_face:

I raised a daughter thru her teens all by myself.
I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.
Fortunately it all worked out well, but it was total hell for a couple years.[/quote]

Well I take my hat off to you for being a single parent and having the success with raising your child, it is people like you that I feel set a good example for other parents or single parents. Through my years out there working and trying to help I have met a few who have hung in there and can smile today or laugh with their child when reflecting on those years. I am still trying to help out there everyday.

I’m living through that time period right now, I’m glad to hear that this will get better.  :-)

Lol…  I see that I screwed up back there with my post, sorry just can not get that straight regarding quotes. I am at the bottom of it all.