For His Eyes Only

Few would confuse Bill Vander Zalm with James Bond, but as far as Elections BC are concerned, the results of the anti HST campaign are for his eyes only, however what he does with those results are up to him.

The former Premier and public face of the anti HST campaign of the last few months will receive the results of his groups efforts sometime today, while finding the procedure a tad strange, what with no public announcement from the elections overseer, he has promised to outline those findings once he receives the call from Elections BC officials…

(from the blog a town called podunk, click on the link below to see the entire item … -only.html )

I’ll be curious to hear the results!

We should see a rather interesting flurry of information and actions in the coming weeks. I can’t wait to hear the results.

what i want to know is who are these ‘coalition of business’ so I can add them to my list of places I dont shop along with Prince George and Zellers.

The coalition of businesses is comprised mainly of the following: “Mining Association of British Columbia, the Coast Forest Products Association and the British Columbia Chamber of Commerce.”

…assisted with opinions by a former BC Liberal Attorney General Geoff Plant in their launch of litigation.

The Liberals are really trying to steamroll this one. That said, Chamber of Commerce?!! Not impressed at the Chamber of Commerce coming onboard with that initiative - their supposed to be the VOICE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA BUSINESS!

Chamber of Commerce…a person could infer that given the agenda for their inception that their higher-ups are being monetarily persuaded.