For anyone out there that is still waiting for vista

If anyone that reads this page is looking foward to vista
you might reconsider after reading this

Nope, I’ll stay with my one XP Pro box for now.  I’m not planning to upgrade to Vista any time soon.

I’m not going to lie, I’ll probably be a fairly early adopter of Vista, provided that the Russian-language version is fully featured. Really, for no other reason than that I can.

I also upgraded to XP very early (FCKGW anyone?), just because it was there.

I have the windows 98 1st edition memorized off heart LOL…

I heard vista needs some seriouse hardware to run like p4 2.0 16gigs free space and 1gig ram EKKS.

Yep, that’s the main reason I won’t be upgrading, I’ve got older hardware that runs XP Pro, and Linux quite well, but, Vista wouldn’t work on my units.  Eso is lucky he can upgrade his stuff:-) 

So, I’m posting this message from Vista x86 RC1 (build 5728).

So far, everything seems like it’s fine and dandy. It’s got a “sidebar” that is a Launchpad clone, and the explorer navigation is a little bit different, but it doesn’t seem too revolutionary.

Screen shot :smile:

That’s the sidebar/launchpad/widget thing on the right. From top to bottom, I’ve got local weather, CPU/memory usage, clock, picture slideshow, and RSS headlines.

So far, I can’t say that Vista has been cooperating with Firefox.

Whoa, that sucks! :astonished:
What happens when you use FF, Eso?  Hopefully MS will get that figured out before the general release.

Whenever I try to run Firefox, it gives me some garbage about it (Firefox) needing to be restarted to apply an update.

Hasn’t been bothering me too much, actually, as IE7 has been passable so far.

Hopefully Mozilla will get the bugs fixed in FF.
I’ve read good things about IE7, it sounds like a solid browser.  The people at Mozilla will need to continue to improve FF in order to compete, which will be a win-win situation for all users:-)

XP7gd 39Y46 4Jt26 xvvmg 29pcw…

after 10,000 or so it’s stuck…

the point that i was trying to get across is that

Ive had enough with windows crap and im getting a mac

Cool.  The new Macs rule.  You’ll like the Mac Unix operating system, it is rock-solid, stable with an intuitive user interface. :smiley:

Mac laptops were on sale from $1149 in the Lower Mainland… I think I’ll donate the toshiba to the office… errr… I should say ‘give it back’ I guess…

I was just given a Ibm t42 for free. Because the guy wanted a MacBook Pro. :smile:  i just found out that you can install osx on this and it works :stuck_out_tongue:.

But i want to try to get suse / mandrake on it. A little hard to get this stupid wireless card working :frowning:


I’ve got a Core 2 Duo in the mail. When it gets here I’ll try out Vista, AND OSX, dual boot to boot!

Suse has good hardware identification, it should find your wireless card:-)

I just skimmed through the writeup, which appears to have no relevance to Vista or those who may be waiting for it. What was your point?