FoodShare Program

Prince Rupert started a Share Program-“Overwaitea” is our only supplier right now, but that’s still good. Anyways we are in need of volunteers and vehicals, Kaien Island Anti Poverty is our drop off place. Everyday at 11am the volunteer with Vehical goes into Overwaitea, picks up boxes or box of food, brings it up to KAPS on Mckay street where other volunteers are their to bag the food for families in need. The food that is picked up is food that has reached it’s due date according to the sticker but still in good condition. If you know anyone in need to pick up food the address is 569 McKay St. everyday around 11:15 would be the ideal time to be there. We also go thru the food at KAPS and throw some out there, that would be good for compost if your interested as well.

Please email me at if you would like your name and number added to the volunteer list, please list if you have a vehical or not and include email address if you would like to keep updated on what is going on. Our next meeting is May 17. Thank You.