Food Establishments health reviews

looking for link to website for health reviews of local eating establishments pls help

I made a shortcut, since it’s a long URL to remember:

That will redirect to the list.

ok. ok. can some1 pls tell me what the high means??

It’s the Hazard rating for the establishment.

They have a checklist, and if you don’t meet a certian amount of criteria, your considered hazardous…

So that means then that Breakers has a high hazard rating, we shouldn’t eat there but the Sally Anns’ we can. What the f----k?      :confused:  That can’t be right !

No surprise there. I ask what are (if any) the penalties for non-compliance, other possibly poisioning a customer?

Will no be eating at the “High” risk joints

I guess the penalty is that you are listed on the website. 

If you click on the name of the restaurant, you’ll get the detail on the inspection. 

For example, Breakers is here:

[quote]Breakers Pub - Inspection Report
Inspection Information:
Facility Type: Restaurant
Inspection type: Routine
Inspection date: May 26, 2009
Number of critical violations: 1
Number of non-critical violations:  1
Follow-up Required:  No
This facility was given a high hazard rating.
More information on hazard ratings.

A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.

Code  Description / Observation / Corrective Action
102  Critical Food Not Protected From Contamination - Micro
Observation: Black mold was observed in the ice machine storage compartment.
Corrective Action: Discard the ice in the machine, then clean and sanitize the ice machine before putting it back in service. Note: Cleaned at the time of inspection.

110  Food Not Protected - General
Observation: Some food was observed stored in open pails on the floor in the downstairs cooler.
Corrective Action: Ensure that all food is stored 6 inches off of the floor and covered to prevent contamination.[/quote]

If you click on the links, it usually says what the offending restaraunts did, or didn’t, do.

Haha MiG got to it first.

Hasn’t anyone taken their food safe lately???

I got a question and to me I believe it is a worthy one, so Breakers gets the report put on here but I goes an look only to see the Salvation Army Kitchen has nothing no inspection on it since Jan.08. I have eaten there the odd time and I would love to hear the inspector is there watching. I do not go for anything fancy but I certainly do not favour having to go back to S&A to often.

From what I have heard, health inspectors pretty much know which places to keep an eye on.  If you see some places being inspected often, that pretty much means the inspector doesn’t trust them to be on top of things.  If they go awhile between inspections, then the inspector isn’t worried about them.  The funny thing is that I have been told that some inspectors are tougher on the better places around town for the smallest of infractions, because they should know better, and are easier on some of the less desireable places because they are doing the best they can.  How screwed up is that, if is true?

it’s very very doubtful that it’s true.

Not true … sorry the rules are the same for all.  I have worked at two different places and the inspection was the same. I do know though that if you don’t have any violations you get visited 1x6 months, if you have violations you get like 2-3 weeks to cleanup the violations and then another visit and you are on the list if you are a repeat performer.

How are most of the places on third fairing in all of this?

If what blackhawkdown writes is untrue, then how do we explain looking at the list, that some establishments have not been inspected for at least 1 year, if not 2?

Some may not even still be open , there is only an inspector 2 days per week, and they cover Rupert Stewart Nass Valley and QCI including all the lodges if you have any concerns at all with an establishment you just have to call your health unit and make a report. ( ie not clean or you saw a mouse etc) Rupert is 250 622 6380