Food Bank

This morning after I made our kids breakfast, my girlfriend and I decided to phone the Salvation Army to get the new number for the food bank, to make an appointment and also to see our dear friend Wendy who has always been more then she should be, but to my surprise the voice mail message on there that if we wish to contact the food bank and speak to the manager Ken whatever this be it##########, this sounded like a joke. Now we probably have to pray to get a can of beans or something. My lady and I used enjoy going to the food bank where we were dealt with as equals,even though we are two female partners sounds like they changed that around now. I believe that we need a new store for furnitures and clothes etc. a consinment store run privately and to go with it a food bank which is for the people and not run by the blue suits. They are trying to take control of the town or your ass like the vatican. I wonder how the real worker "manager’ feels or felt, thank you Wendy for every good thing you do and please do not give up on us.

I assume by your post that they have a new manager  but I thought she was still working there though maybe in another position. That would be too bad but they seem to be changing many things with that place. Only go there to drop off stuff. Too much BS behind the scenes despite the good things they may do.Bunch of brown nosers, the ones that work in the kitchen and the store. Don’t seem to have a thought in their heads unless it was put there, like little robots, most of them!    It would be sad if she has been removed or replaced or whatever they did as I know her, she liked her job and is a very nice lady.  Good Luck with whatever you do next.