Food Bank

Today I was in the Sally Ann Thrift store and I was listening to two other women talking about some changes which are or have already happened. Now it turns out that Salvation Army or Sally Ann is moving there food bank, now I take offence to some of this, first here we have a group which says they need money but they turn around and must pay rent to some landlord rent for facilities so they ma operate. They hit the people up in this city like they do in so many other places for money. We seem to give them much in that way every year. They do have a food bank in there head office and i say it that way becaus they have turned into a F/N business and the way we are heading with all the money problems we shoud not have to give any more. I do not believ how the captans or what ever they are shoud be allow to do this. Wah is wrong with what they have now? I hav talked to others who want to boycut Thrift store and I will follow. They are a busines for them selve not the needie. I am very angry.

What are you upset about? All I get out of your post is that someone said they are moving the food bank. You don’t know the reason. How does that make them bad?

And what is a F/N business?

Basically, this a very vague post and gives no reason for you, or anyone, to be upset at the Sally Ann.

First thing try saying F/N real fast, an secon it is for real they are movin it the food bank. My bein pissed off is this , they say they need dollars an they go to the people in or wit this cause, now the CEOs of the company goes an rents som building where it will cost us in the end wit our donations, he or she could explane to community why an how they can afford it. Ther is a food bank bein run in the hall an my girlfriends an I hav used it and they seem to be fine there. The CEO never talks of plan wit people who give money to them. My girlfriends an i will boycut thrift store, maybe that is how they git money for new place by raising price. Sally Ann is now in it for business . Bottom line is if you have no money how do you keep buying new things while the rest of us don’t.

I kind of hesitated to make a comment on this topic because I can’t really figure out if this is a serious post or something purposely composed the way it is to be a poor attempt at sick satire.
If its serious, the poster has a problem with the Salvation Army.
Obviously he has a computer and internet, but yet still uses the food bank and the thrift store which he has bashed very viciously in this thread and in others.
Maybe a bit of advice. Sell the computer and cancel your internet and buy your own food. Don’t go to the thrift store if it upsets you so much.
In my opinion the Salvation Army has done a lot more good in this town than most other religious organizations and I would suggest that you cool off a bit.

The moving of the food bank wioll benefit the street people as there is a shower in there and laundry facilities for them as well so it will help them. i Think u are just DOWN on the Salvation Army to start with. You better pray that you are never in the position to ever need there help man. and boycotting the thrift store is unneccesary you do not know how much  trhe thrift store actually gives out of free stuff to the people eho actually need it, like fire victims, street people who need  clothes , they get this all free. SO SHUT UP AND FIND OUT STUFF FIRST BEFORE YOU GO RANTING ABOUT STUFF BNEFORE YOU TOTALLY UNDERSTAND

  Calm down HindsFeet…You and I are both in a position of realizing not only the good that Sally Ann accomplishes worldwide but we have been in agreement many times regarding the abuse of the services, as there is of all services. Obviously this person has been in the position of using the foodbank as she mentioned in her post.  Now, as for Clocked Out, as I said, there is a great deal of abuse of the services offered and that is very sad but as for what you said about shutting down the posters computer and internet and using the Thrift Store, well, the store remains open on cruiseship evenings due in part to the fact that people of all financial levels shop there, definitely not just those in need. As for the foodbank, well, I am hoping for the best for the future of the venture and that is all that I will say.  HindsFeet, please keep in mind that you are close to the church and will defend it to the end, everyone is entitled to their opinion.  Good, bad or indifferent…

I would guess that I should defend my views but what must I defend, certainly not the fact in which my girlfriends and I have used this good service or that we have computers. I have been there when nice vans were driven there as well. I am not calling the dependents down but I am calling the waste of good money which maybe has come from our community. I am calling the thrift store on high prices yes and many others have said it as well. Churches have been known through the years for speaking of the Prophet and then there are the ones who learn the word profit. These are my views which I do not have to defend and I would like to believe that in this forum we still believe in free speech.

So the Salvation Army is moving the food bank, I would think that they are moving to a bigger place with showers etc to keep up with the needs of the people they serve. You don’t seem to have all the facts spider, maybe they are renting at a very reduced rate in one of the many empty buildings Rupert has no shortage of.  I don’t think the prices are high at the Sally Ann … but then I don’t shop there on a regular basis. Why dont we wait and see what actually is going to happen before we jump to conclusions?

They are moving across the street from the Sally Ann hall on Frazer St. taking over what was left behind from Planet Youith and I think thyat no matter how much they pay will be too much since they complain about no money. We give they spend it and come Christmas they will hit us for moire. Yea give me grief but that is my feelings. My girls and I will stop doing the thrift store plus spread word about town.

So what you’re saying is you want to donate once, and then stop supporting a non profit organisation? Uhh, the whole point of being non profit is having donations given… The money has to go somewhere, what would you rather it be spent on? Or should It just sit in a bank, unused? Yeah they do hit us up for more during the holidays, and alot of everything we give them goes to the needy. The Salvation Army does alot for this town, and towns everywhere. Have you seen the state of their vehicles? They do the best they can with what they have. And you complain that you have to give more, well if you’re going to be so narrow minded, then don’t give. And I hope whoever you decide to talk to about the Sally Ann, tells you to go shove it. Thinking that the needy don’t deserve a nicer place to be. This move isn’t for the Salvation Army, it’s for the people who use it. Pull your head out of your rear end…

I seriously can’t believe the nerve of some people.

well said bubbasteve

Thanks for that many of my friendes say I have alot of nerve,well I have seen both CEOs drivin fairly new vans an they have one more van. Waste of dollars at this time don’t work with me. You are free to call me and my girlfriends on what is goin on. Yes they usually do good things for people in need but not on this one. Good service with food bank now with staff an where it is now. I will remain silent for now but we will watch as time goes bye.

I can not help myself and I was forced to post on this topic before someone gets it put in the wasteland. I have to agree with Spider on some of what she says, it is not the time to be spending money at this stage of the game. I mean why try fixing it if it is not broken. I know that someone may have something to say about any church or the followers and to me that is fair with free speech. I have witnessed many so called soldiers leave the place in recent years so there must be something in the air and yes they may have done some good things in the community in the years. I still say let her speak her mind or at least vent. I have been allowed to vent on city or other matters.