Foggy Rupert

Geeeezzzzzzz is Prince Rupert the only Foggy place in BC? Why is it we only get 2 maybe 3wks of Summer when everyone else gets about 2mths… its just not fair. Oh well out to Rainbow with the Jetski there’s got to be Sun out there
Summer is over folks:(… get the ski’s ready

I’d rather have fog, than smoke.

Why is it that when one complains about something that someone else has to retort with another extreme?

i.e. fog versus smoke

It irks me when I complain about the weather being 35 degree Celtius and someone else replies by saying: “well, don’t complain, it could be -35 degree Celtius.” What’s wrong with 25 degree!

40 degrees yesterday! Too hot for me! “it’s like a sauna in here!”

… and where might this location be?


… and where might this location be?[/quote]

No. 17 questions left :smile:

Terrace. LOL.

It was really hot up there this weekend too. But at the airport, where we were camping, there was a nice breeze most of the time, so that was nice.

It is pretty hot here again today, around 30. It is calling for thunder showers this evening so hopefully it will cool down a little.

The smoke down here on the Island from the mainland fires is making it feel more muggy than it should and giving some folks with sensitive airways some issues. Nice sunsets though…

Rain is forecast for the weekend, aside from a few mm yesterday it’s been dry since June, so I’m hoping it helps the fire situation some over on the mainland.

Yes the smoke should dissipate with some rain…relief… :smile:

No need to worry about smoke here this weekend

Oh, Kramer…you nutty character. I actually used that very line yesterday as a Seinfeld reference…

Spent some time down on the beach last month in Washington for holidays…it was foggy for five days straight. We never saw the sun until we got back in to the Seattle traffic jams. No burning off by noon, no clear evenings, no nothing. Fog.
On the drive back north, the Fraser Valley was clouded/smoked over and the smoke was up the canyon, through the Caribou and over Prince George all the way to about Vanderhoof. Air quality warnings were in effect in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Hope, and then again in Williams Lake.

@backatit - in this case, the one extreme (fog) is the result of weather that limits the other extreme (smoke). All the fog means we won’t ever see the fire problems…it’s kind of the same comparison people do with the precipitation (rain vs “shovelling it”). However, in answer to your (mostly) rhetorical question, there’s NOTHING wrong with 25 degrees, except that we never get it for any appreciable length of time.