Float plane for rental?

I’ll be back to Rupert in a week or so, and want to do my float rating in Prince Rupert if it’s possible. I’m curious if anyone here knows of someone who rents out something smaller than a Beaver, on amphibs or floats. I’ve been told Ken Cote part-owns a C-180 on floats or something, parked at Seal Cove… Any info? I’ll be bugging him in a week or so for some time on the plane if that’s the case. Any info on float planes in the area, even Terrace would be great. I’ll need to find someone to actually do the rating for me anyway, so I’ll be stopping by in Terrace on the way through if it’s a decent hour of day and I find a shower/shave after that drive.

There’s a free shower at the Copperside along the highway. It’s in the back where people can do their laundry.

As to float plane rentals, I have no idea. I do know you could fly a hell of a lot of helicopters in Terrace though.

Well, first you need to be cert’d to fly helo’s, but as for float planes, I would have to say talk to Ken. If he won’t rent his 180 (or was it a 182?) he might know someone who will. As for beavers… The only company that flies them in Rupert is North Pacific and Inland Air. I doubt inland will rent, but talk to Gene Storey or Joe Hidber at NP about taking an aircraft up.

That plane might be the one co-own by Kelly and Clayton Williams and Steve Wessel. If you want I can go take a picture and inquire about the plane ( I don’t know much about the flying machines but I can ask).

The operating cost of the Beaver would be a bit much for me. I couldn’t see one being less than $350 an hour. BigThumb, I am interested if you wouldn’t mind asking. All I really need to know is if any of them would be able to do the rating with me, what type of plane it is and what they would charge per hour.

Explain the rating. Do they need to have some instructor training or being a pilot is enough?

I asked some people and they said that the instructor rating isn’t needed to give someone a float rating. It’s a fairly quick process that takes 7-10 hours, and from what I understand all the ‘instructor’ needs is a float rating themself and ‘x’ amount of hours on type of aircraft. I would guess 50-100, but I really don’t know. Oh, and insurance is probably a big factor.

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Thanks for the info BigThumb!

Just to share…
This is the first picture a passenger has taken from the backseat :wink: It’s got to be one of my favorites, and I’m not sure why. ANyhow, more can be found at www.screenlooking.com. I flew my roommates through the Kootenays yesterday to Nelson for lunch. There was some impressive scenery along the way. WTF is with hippy chicks in Nelson not shaving their pits?

i’ll be playing with templates today, so expect some occasional gibberish

Nice photo, Flying is so cool. My favorite plane ride to date is back in '93 when we chartered a beaver up to Mount McNiel. What a view that was.

I seen in the Daily News that someone was selling a seaplane. :smiley:

Thanks. There’s many more in the gallery itself, probably some similar scenery.

Try growing up there. You’ll get used to that kinda stuff real quick.

Nelson runs a good owners club - I forget when they meet though. Look for a guy named Westmacott (if he’s still there).

Where else have you flown to so far? Trail’s wind gusts along the river are a real chore to navigate.

Flown over loads of places, but off the top of my head I have flown into or out of Terrace, Prince Rupert, Prince George, Mackenzie, Williams Lake, Kamloops, Oliver, Penticton, Merrit, Kelowna, Midway, Revelstoke, Kitimat, Salmon Arm, Princeton, Vernon, Omak, Oroville, Nelson, Castlegar and Osoyoos… Or most of BC, Oroville and Omak, WA.

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