Dunno if anybody else has used Flickr, but I’m hooked.

I love all the flash goodness. If there were a quick way of uploading all 6000! of my photos, I’d do so.

I love the calendar:

and the slideshows rock:

The tags and stuff are neat too.

I saw that you were using this.

I was wondering how I could use it for pics too. I may try it so be ready to get some questions as usual. :wink:

I saw that you were using this.

I said to myself, “it’s only a matter of time now until MiG gets stoked and tells us all about flickr.” : P


Was down for anyone else for the last few days? It’s back up now, but I was starting to freak out.

Hmm theres some helpful info on that binder. Thanks Mig! :smiley:

how do they make money? they’re hosting your stuff? i dont get it. someone distill it.

ok i guess i get it, somewhat, but how are they making money from this? what cant i do with my photos? it seems to good to be true.

Google ads.

It rocks. I’m going to upgrade to pro, I think.

If you do join, add me as a contact and join the prince rupert group.

You can post via e-mail, and automagically post to flickr and your blog at the same time, etc.

I wish Citytel had a cameraphone that you could e-mail with.

That’s a rad slide show. Turn htmf’s into that ahah.

The slideshow is neat, yeah, but so is stuff like this:

You can have a version on your site too, with your photos, sorta like:

[quote=“dylan”]I saw that you were using this.

I said to myself, “it’s only a matter of time now until MiG gets stoked and tells us all about flickr.” : P[/quote]

Really dylan omg…

yo MiG !

bringing this thread back from the dead
because you seem like you have the flickr thing dialed pretty sweetly.
i am wondering if i can use flickr tech to make a bit of a gallery thing on my personal webpage, like, have my webpage grab a certain set of my pics on flickr and have them display on my webpage ?

i keep building a site to house my stuff, wanting to keep it simple stupid but then it gets to the point where its absolutely ridiculous to update it.

eg. i want to have a block on my page that comes from blogger
and then in the other block, have it pulling images from flickr

im gonna go ahead and see what i can break, but maybe you can shed some lgiht on this for me (or point me in the direction of something comparable)


Yes and yes!

Either using RSS or simple Javascript includes.
Set up a flickr site and I’ll help you put it on the site.

Flickr rocks.

ok, using a badge right?

i think i should be able to make it happen, flickr seems pretty sweetly thought out. I just wish I could take their whole software setup and host it myself so i didnt have to worry about the 10mb limit. but i guess thats where the $$ comes in.

im gonna spend some time uploading my stuff and see what i can do myself, without bugging you needlessly.

Well, you can get RSS or Atom feeds as well, which would let you format the photos any way you’d like.

Sorta the way the & photos show up here automagically. I also use bloglines to read a bunch of other “photoblogs” on the web too. RSS rocks.

10 MB isn’t a bad thing. Just resize to 1024x768 before you upload. I’ve never hit my limit, but then I have my own photo gallery too. Flickr’s just my “group share” thing.

Oh, for another example of RSS at work, check my signature below… then refresh this page.

ok, how do i get an RSS feed ?

can i have seperate feeds for seperate “sets” ?

At the bottom of each flickr page is the RSS feed.

You can also subscribe to individual feeds for different users, tags, groups, etc.

For example, go to

and subscribe to the RSS feed there, and you’ll get a feed of any Golden Retriever photos anybody posts on flickr.

Use your favourite PHP RSS feed parser (or write your own) to grab the feeds.