Flatscreen TVs (Kind of Tech Forum-ish)

So my mom wants to buy a new TV.  A flatscreen with HD capabilities because she’s planning to get the HD channels with our satelite.  She’s willing to spend just over $2000 for it.  Also, she wants to get one around 50 inches, give or take.

It got kind of confusing when we actually went out to look for one.  There were LCD’s, Plasmas, and DLP’s.  Not too sure which is best.  LCD is like a computer monitor but seems very expensive.  The plasmas are nice, but I heard that they begin to dim after a couple hundred hours of being on.  And the DLP’s were the cheapest but a bit bigger.

And then there’s brand names…Toshiba, JVC, Sony, etc.

I looked around town with my brothers.  We checked out Kondalas, Eastwind, and City Furniture.  Hopefully you guys can also give me some opinions about these places, which is cheapest, best service, etc.

So please, some input on what kind of TV, what brand, and where to buy it.  Thanks alot!

50" hdtv… 2k is probably not going to happen. You might get an EDTV which will let you view hd content. I just picked up an lg 42 inch plasma and I am very happy with it. I would highly recommend lg  :sunglasses:

Don’t forget to check out Teddy’s as well. They carry reasonably priced TV’s. $2000 for a 50inch is definately not going to happen. If you did find one for that price I doubt it would be a decent quality TV. My 48inch Hitachi is a rear projection and that cost me $2400 3 years ago.


Ya, I wasn’t sure if Teddy’s had TV’s.  I just figured it was only music stuff.  And now…for whatever reason…my mom doesn’t want a plasma.

She probably heard about the image burn in, which isnt so much an issue at least with the lg’s and well the tv is guaranteed to last 60 000 hrs at least mine is so by that time ill be watching my holotv. 

Either way I would stay away from the lcd’s they just arent as nice especially with fast moving pictures they tend to blur.

Last time i was in City Furn they had a toshiba 50" dlp for 2200. i have the 44" version of this and love it. it actually has a clear picture all the time

Well my mom settled on a TV from City Furniture.  52-inch JVC LCD with a 3-chip something-or-other.  The guy threw in the stand…it all came to $2800 including GST.  I found the TV and stand in the Sears Catalogue…TV was $2800, and stand was $450.  I guess we got a pretty good deal then.  Apparently this tv has soem system where if something goes wrong, only one part has to be replaced.  Thanks for the input.

… can you imagine a Beowulf cluster of these?