Flames move on!

WHAT A GAME!!! hats off to the Calgary flames… this team deserves everything that is going for them right now… they never give up and as for taht brick wall they have layed between the pipes i think they can win the cup this year!! Martin Gelinas scored the OT winner to knock out the Nux and the Wings… he must be soo stoked… but yah GO CALGARY? even tho im Canuck fan… any team taht can beat both of those teams in the playoffs ill cheer for.

I hope you’re happy with yourself, Mig… I have coffee all over my shirt from laughing at that.

Gelinas was only in the right place, at the right time for his OT winner against the Wings. Sure, the guy is a good player, but him and Iginla are getting far too much credit they don’t deserve.